Facebook Fan Page | Content Sharing Made Easy Part 1

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, you might have this problem: Where will you find great content and when will you have time to post it. That’s exactly why I wrote this blog post and made this video. I have the solution! check it out.

Today what I want to talk to you about are a couple of apps that I found on Google Chrome that have really made my life easier.

Most of us are on Facebook and a lot of us have a Facebook Fanpage. It is important to share really great content with your fans. It doesn’t always have to be your own content.
The key is to post consistently…consistency can be a key to success.
Here’s the problem.
Where do you find the time to keep up with all of the content sharing and secondly where do you find all that content?
If you’re like me it’s been a daunting task but I found some really great tools and I want to share them with you.

I recently found a great tool I’d like to share with you because it really has saved me a lot of time and stress.
The solution is Feedly. Feedly is a Google Chrome App. You will find it in the Google App Store.
Once you log into Feedly you can customize it in several different ways.
But first you need to find some really awesome content by way of blogs and videos.
I have found some awesome blogs to follow via RSS feed….don’t worry if you don’t know what an RSS feed is because Feedly makes it easy…just click the follow button when you find a great blog.
After you find all these great blogs you want to oraganize and categorize them by subject or author or any way you like.
That’s it. One stop shopping for all the great blogs you love to follow.
From there you can curate information to use as ideas for you own blog posts.
I love this tool and I hope you will too.
Next up I will show you how I schedule all this great content to share it with my Facebook Fans.
That’s all for now.
Look for my next video on Buffer.

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  Tonya Stephens

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Can you really attract people to you online using attraction marketing? The answer of course is yes.

Attraction Marketing: Is the new  model for doing business. It leverages the internet and social media to attract interested customers to you instead of you chasing them. This is a very useful way of generating leads for your network marketing business but can also be used for traditional business.

This method allows you to leverage the speed of the internet, it’s cost effective and also the reach is unlimited for finding motivated customers and prospects.  You can do this as a part time business.

The first step in attraction marketing is to give your prospects useful information about how to build their business.

Your goal is to become a specialist in a specific  marketing method or strategy so you become the go to person.

attraction marketing

Here are 3 of the mistakes I see online using attraction marketing methods and how they can be avoided.

Attraction Marketing is a great way to get your prospects to come to you . If you set this up correctly with a self-branding attraction marketing system  you will never have to worry about where your leads will come from in the future.

There are some attraction marketing mistakes I’ve noticed people making.

If you’ve made some of these mistakes never fear because I’ve also given you the solution to the problem!

Attraction  Marketing Mistake #1

You pretend to have all the answers and set yourself up as an expert before you’re ready.

It’s OK not to have all the answers!

A lot of marketers pretend to be successful and know their stuff when in truth they really don’t. It’s not surprising since many guru’s online teach this tactic.

Honesty is the best policy always!

The premise of attraction marketing is to set yourself up as the expert and a leader.

Many people pretend to be experts when they haven’t done the work and don’t yet have experience.

It is such an exciting idea to have a steady flow of leads coming in on autopilot instead of you chasing them that some marketers forget to check their egos at the door. It’s not about you the marketer making money off of people who are struggling. It’s about helping people who really need solutions to their problems building a business.

Unfortunately in the excitement to capitalize on this type of marketing many people go overboard. Some even live the lifestyle before their success happens. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s ok to believe in the dream but it’s also a good idea to remain grounded and remain practical.

Do this instead

Admit it when you don’t have the answer!

This goes a long way to building credibility. Believe it or not you can build trust by admitting you don’t have all the answers. Honesty will build a strong foundation which will carry your business into the future.

Develop skills as you grow. As a marketer the more skills you have the more people you can help and the more success you will create. You don’t have to pretend. In fact most people will see through the facade.

Be yourself, you are the brand and you don’t want to tarnish that for any reason.

Attraction Marketing Mistake #2

You subscribe to a system and then find out it doesn’t’ brand you.

There are many mlm attraction marketing  systems out there that can help you learn and develop your skills. Part of the allure is the attraction marketing system also furnishes a way to attract and capture leads. The best way to attract leads is to build “You” as the brand.

Be careful which system you choose . Make sure it brands you.

 Your long term goal in attraction marketing  is to brand yourself and develop a business foundation you can build on for your future.

Do this instead:

The system you subscribe too must  be able to brand you and have a customization sales funnel. You want to put your own video  and audio into the system. You want freedom to change text and make it your own.

As with all things in life “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.” Take the time to learn how things work.  Make sure you are building something that cannot be jeopardized by outside sources. Build “You” the brand and own it.and add to your skill set as you go.

BIG TIP:  Be dedicated to learning attraction marketing strategies.

Prospects are very knowledgeable in today’s online market. So look sharp and learn as much as you can.

Video is the quickest way to make an impression and helps your prospect make the decision to give you their contact information. Show confidence in the things you know and are good at. Offer value packed information with you own personal flavor.

Video allows your prospects to hear your voice and see you in action. This goes beyond any other marketing method for building your brand, establishing trust.

If you’re scared of video. Start slow but keep going until you become more comfortable because I promise you it will get easier.

We are all unique in our own way and there’s plenty of people looking for information and help with their home based business. Remember the failure rate in network marketing is a whopping 97% .

Attraction  Marketing Mistake #3

You give up before you reach your goals.

It takes time to build a business online. Unfortunately many people buy into the dream of supersonic speed in success working from home. Most people want it but they don’t know what it takes to achieve it. After a few failures they quit.

Online network marketing is not a get rich quick proposition. It takes time, dedication and staying power. Most people quit before they see results. They think they are a failure because they didn’t get rich in the first few months.

Do this instead

Read about network marketing before you join a company. There are some great books out there that outline the trials and tribulations of building a successful home based business. One of my favorite’s is ” Beach Money” by Jordan Adler. He was in 11 different companies before he finally figured out what it really takes to be a success in network marketing.

Set realistic expectations.

Know it will take some time. It could take as much as 3 to 5 years with consistent effort.

Learn how to stay motivated by setting goals and practicing positive mindset techniques;

It’s ok to get excited about your new business in fact it’s mandatory but soon the new shiny wears off, then what. You must find ways to keep going and it all boils down to your mindset and belief in yourself. Read my blog post here on mindset.

There are many things you can do to stay motivated and focused and there’s plenty of help out there. So just look around and you will find what you seek.

I’d love to hear what you have to share.

What are your experiences with attraction marketing? What has helped you more than anything else with marketing online? What are you biggest challenges?


If you enjoyed this post please a comment and share it with others.


PS: Does your up line have a proven step by step road map for success?

If you need more leads click here to learn strategies for generating unlimited leads to grow your business.


Tonya Stephens

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Branding is one of the best things you can do to build your online business.

With branding you will create recognition and trust two

crucial elements for online success.

branding your business

Free Digital Images

By doing some simple branding techniques you can create a great impression of who you are and what you have to offer.

Consider this: You can only make a first impression once. Make sure it’s one that’ll grab your audiences attention and also one they will remember.
If you don’t have a brand theme going then it’s time to get started.
Here are some great examples of great  branding we are all immediately familiar with.

What do you think about when you see these brands? I’ve listed my thoughts.

McDonald’s: Fast food, Billions of Hamburgers sold, Happy Meals
Pier One: Trendy home funiture, cool, chic home accessories, fun lifestyle
Wal Mart : No frills and low prices.
These are just off the top of my head and I’m sure you know of many others, that’s the power of branding, everyone recognizes not only the name but also what it stands for.
What do you stand for? How do you want people to recognize you?

 Here are some questions you must answer if you want to take steps to branding your business.

1. Who is your niche market?
2. What can you offer in value that your competitors can’t match.
Finding your market in network marketing is not hard since there are so many struggling network marketers. Most of us in network marketing know what they are struggling with since we have struggled with the same problems.
After you’ve identified your market the next task is to create a brand name and a tag line.
Most internet network marketers are advised to  keep their name as their brand name. The reason for this is if you decided to change companies your brand is you and not tied to a particular company brand. You are the brand.

Next is to create a tag line. This can be the most difficult process.

What exactly is a tag line?
A tagline is a short concise phrase situated under or alongside your logo that conveys a single strong message. Tag lines should resonate strongly with your niche market.
You tag line should be original, believable, and simple, unconventional, provocative or humorous. What ever your tag line is make sure it’s an honest expression of your brand. Make it uniquely yours.
Some examples of great tag lines:
“You’re in good hands with Allstate” Allstate insurance
“What can brown do for you?” UPS
“The Uncola” Pepsi
Some marketers know immediately what their tag line will be for  example:

Frank Marino “The Bluesman of MLM”.

Some will be ordained by others with a tag line such Adrienne Smith ” The Engagement Superstar” and then there are those who developed a tag line such as Michelle and Bill Pescosolido ” Online Wealth Partners” These are all winning taglines don’t you agree?

If you’re stuck on your tag line here are some helpful tips:
You can brainstorm with others and also do a vision board to look at different logos and taglines. Go blog hopping and look at other marketers to see what they’ve come up with. This may help to stimulate your creative juices. You can also visit Fiverr.com  an outsourcing site for graphics and services to look at sample headers and logos . This may help you with ideas for your own. Keep a file of what you find.
After you have your tagline and logo you can begin putting your brand out there on the internet.

You will need a header for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and any other site where you want to dislplayyour brand.
It is important to keep your branding congruent on all of your sites so make your headers similar for all your sites.
Outsourcing tip for branding your business:

As I mentioned earlier fiverr.com offers a great outsourcing service especially for graphics. You can evaluate their work and pick a graphic artist that will do the job for you in a professional manner and it’s also extremely cost effective usually around $5. One tip about Fiverr, read the reviews before you place an order.

Branding Your Business Tips:

Branding is partly emotional and so imagery is an important part of your brand.
You want your prospects to know that by associating with you they will have an easier time with what ever problem they are struggling with. It could be internet marketing, network marketing , blogging, social media marketing, video marketing or a combination .

Make your brand unique and offer something of value that’s uniquely yours to give.

Now over to you. Are you branding your business? How did you come up with your tagline? How did you find your niche market?

I’d love to hear about your branding stories.

Tonya Stephens

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network marketing mindset

Stuart Miles Free Digital Photos

Network marketing isn’t easy. Let me say that again….

Unfortunately the failure rate is extremely high. Can you believe 95%

There are many reasons for failure. Unrealistic expectations are a major factor. Most people are not ready for the reality of what it really takes to make a 6 figure income in this industry.

Put these on the list : dedication, persistence, a lot of hard work and a healthy dose of belief in yourself.

Let the truth be known.

 Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

It’s certainly understandable that most people get excited about the possibility of making so much money from a home based business. It’s an irresistible idea.


The thing that surprises many newbies in network marketing is that mindset is the most crucial piece of the success puzzle. Most of us have to work very hard to get the right mindset and even harder to keep it.
This is an industry where personal development pays dividends.

The right mindset will carry you through the hard times and we all go through those hard times.
The reasons for desiring success are as varied as the network marketing participants but the struggle to get there is the same.

Network marketing mindset is the most critical aspect of success in your business and without it your efforts will go down the drain. Your prospects will sense when you have doubts. A signal is sent that you do not believe in this 100%.

How do you achieve a successful network marketing mindset?

Here are some network marketing tips for developing a mindset that will carry you through the rough seas and help you reach the level of success you deserve.

1. Reading the right materials
Reading motivational material helps to reprogram your subconscious mind. One of the best books IMHO to help foster belief in your infinite abilities and create a positive mindset is Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” I have read and reread this book many times and learn something new each time. Reading it should be a prerequisite for every home business owner.
2. Being consistent
Work your business on a regular consistent schedule. Set a goal to talk to at least 5 people a day about your opportunity. The more you learn and implement what you learn the more you are likely to have success, even small success is motivating and energizing.
Every little success boost your positive mindset and helps you become more confident. It’s this confidence that fuels a positive mindset and goes a long way to help create more success.
3. Surrounding yourself with successful people
We’ve all heard it said that success leaves clues. Successful people are energized and have a positive mindset. Watch and learn from them. What are they doing to create success in their business? Learn from them.
4. Developing a mastermind partner or group
Napoleon Hill suggests you can achieve much more with a mastermind. A mastermind association is where a few people or many come together in harmony to attain a single purpose, there is great power in a mastermind. The results you achieve working through your mastermind group can fuel your positive mindset and help it develop.
5.  Saying Motivational Affirmations 

Affirmations are a way to direct your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation. Affirmations can help you create thought habits and these habits can help you achieve your goals.
Affirmations should be positive in nature and they should be said with emotional feelings attached to them. It’s the emotion that your subconscious mind uses to create your reality.
These 5 tips have helped me in self development and I hope they help you.
Over to you. How do you stay in a positive mindset while working your business? Do you use any of the tips listed here? Do you have tips you’d like to share with the readers?
I’d love to hear about what you do to stay positive.

Tonya Stephens

251 942 9335

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Why Use Facebook for Marketing?


Free Digital Image

Facebook is a huge part of our marketing world because it’s the largest social platform available to us.
One thing is certain about marketing on Facebook, there will be continual changes coming down the road. We as marketers are continually challenged to learn more new Facebook marketing strategies and find innovative ways to use them.
Next Up…..The Hashtag.

What are Facebook hashtags ?

This is a feature Twitter perfected and has been using for a long time. It’s purpose is to have real time conversations on trending keyword topics. It can also make a subject go viral.
Hashtags give you the opportunity to find other people using the same word or phrase. Simply use the # in your status update. The # along with the keyword  or keywords ( no spaces) is a clickable hyperlink made from the word or phrase you used. You can also use the search bar by entering the hashtag keyword. The hashtag icon will appear at the top of the page, click here to find unlimited status updates using the same hashtag keyword.

Once you see the blue hyperlink you can click on it to connect with other people talking about the same subject.This makes it easier to initiate engagement with people interested in the same things as you. You can now talk about the things you want to talk about and find plenty of people talking about the same thing.

Here are some Marketing via Facebook ideas using the new #hashtag feature.

  • Share your content using the #hashtag. Simply post a status update with the link to your blog post or video url along with the #keywords associated with your content. By sharing your content in this way you can find a wider audience on Facebook.
  • Connect with new people. You can use the hashtag with a keyword or phrase that is related to your niche. You can then find people talking about that subject or they can find you. In this way it makes it easier to connect with new people.
  • Create an event and use the #hashtag to help promote your event to a broader market.
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page using the #keyword and ask people interested in your keyword to join you for a more selective  group discussion .

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use  Facebook hashtags

What are the advantages of using the hashtag feature?
People will see what you posted even if they’re not on Facebook at the time you posted it.
Viewers can find specific information simply by using the hashtag.
People not following you can also find your status update because your keyword targets their interests. This also works in reverse since you can find people interested in your niche more easily.
You can join in on conversations and even answer questions on a specific subject.

Future plans for Facebook fan page marketing  using hashtags.
Facebook wants to tap into “real time advertising.” this will be coming in the future so be looking for more Facebook business marketing tips.
The hastags will be used to get your ad to the people talking about your subject. Amazingly it has been reported that there are between 88 to 100 million users on Facebook every night during “Primetime” This is huge!

What do you think about the new Facebook hashtag feature? Have you used it since they rolled it out? Do you have any suggestions you care to share about using it for marketing strategies?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new Facebook hashtag feature.

Tonya Stephens

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In my last 2 blog posts I talked about the importance of social media sharing for backlinks and  and also  how to make it convenient for your readers to share  your content using a free word press plug in called “Get Social”.

link building solution

Social Monkee

I’ve read the comments from these blog posts and  it seems the most popular sites for sharing are Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

Blog hopping and commenting to build communities rank high on the list for building backlinks to our content as well. Comment Luv is an indispensable plug in for many bloggers.

There are many more things we can do however. Here are are a couple of motivating reasons to work hard to get your share of backlinks.

  • Baclinks get your pages indexed in the search engines faster.

  • Backlinks are votes and can influence traffic.

  • The content with the most votes has a higher ranking in the search engines.

  • Higher ranking equals more traffic.

These days Google likes diversity in all things especially since Penguin 2 . Google likes anchor text diversity as well as link diversity.
The goal in backlinking since Penguin  is to build all sorts of backlinks. These backlinks should include:  dofollow, nofollow, high-quality, low-quality and from sites in different countries. In the real world your pages will be viewed in different countries.
Getting these diversified backlinks can be a problem.

How do you get these diversified backlinks?

Backlinking is time consuming!

Where do you find the time?

I’m writing this blog post today to share a tool I’ve found that may help you increase your backlinks in a way that Google likes.

I was recently involved in a video marketing course. I learned a great deal about SEO. Yes even in video marketing you need to know SEO for on page and off page optimization. The course directors recommended an automated tool to increase backlinks to any web page but since this was a video course it was used for you guessed it,  videos.
This backlink tool is  called Social Monkee .

Some of you will say you don’t want to use any automated tools for your content and that’s OK but I want to share  some facts about Social Monkee and also some  results I’ve achieved. Watch the video:

Social Monkee Review  To visit the site click here

This  is a social bookmarking  service. Social Monkey uses bookmarking sites that  are hosted on unique C-Class IP addresses.

These sites build high-quality backlinks that are (do-follow). You can drip your url to these sites over many days ( up to 30 days).
For  a one time fee of $7 you can build up to 450 backlinks/month.
There are three other account levels.  I have the Elite account which allows me to share 3 urls a day to 150 sites and it includes auto pinging.
Also included is a 60 day money back guarantee.

I’ve had some great results with Social Monkee but make your own judgement about using automated software.  I do believe there are quality products out there that can be useful.

They really do their work in qualifying the value of these back links.

That’s my report on Social Monkee.

What are your thoughts. Do you use any software to help you with sharing your content?

I’d love to hear from you on this subject.

Tonya Stephens

251 942 9335

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In my last blog post  I talked about “Social Media Backlinks”  and how important the “Social Vote” can

Social Media Backlinking

This image is from the portfolio of “Stuart Miles”

be for your website.

I explained how Google  changed it’s algorithms and now we have a new set of rules for gaining backlinks.

The major search engines have put their seal of approval on social media  backlinking.

The problem is how do you promote your content to  get enough backlinks thus benefitting from social media backlinking?

A good place to start is  understanding  the “Social Vote” and then implementing a strategy for  getting as much of the vote as possible.

Here are a few things to consider for getting your share of the “Social Vote”.

  • Content still rules and can be the driving force for getting your share of the  social vote. 
  • On page optimization is still a good idea and I use SEO Pressor for this. It looks at SEO ranking factors and tells you exactly what your post needs. A little on page SEO goes a long way for optimizing your content.
  • It’s also a good idea to Ping your content as soon as you publish it. Pinging tells Google your content is ready to be crawled and indexed. Otherwise it will take a while before Google sees your page.
  • An important element for social media backlinking is to place social media share buttons conveniently on your site. Make it easy for your readers to give you the vote.
  • Develop a strategy for promoting your content to social media bookmarking sites.

My blog post today will look at a way you can  make your social media backlinking share buttons easy to find and use. I will also list some of the most popular social media sites.

I use  a Word Press plug in called Get Social. Get Social is easy to install and the settings can be adjusted to suite your blog. It’s a floating social media share box that follows along as the reader moves down the page. No more hunting for the share buttons. It follows along as your reader reads your post and is always right there in plain sight.

I made  this  short video to demonstrate the  usability of this plug in.

 Where do you share your content?

Social bookmarking Sites: These are platforms that organize information. They do not store files but simply bookmark the web page or url. From here you can go back at a later time and read the article or you can share it easily with others.
The site users usually can choose specific interests. If your content is good quality and relevant it will be shared  thus rewarding you with backlinks.
Having Social Media share buttons on your blog is one of the keys to getting the Social Vote.

Let’s look at some of the most popular social media backlinking sites. I also included their Alexa traffic rank ( United States).

Facebook  The Social Media Giant is  ranked #2 in the USA and #1 in the world.

Facebook is a dominating force on the internet. Social shares can be a backlinking goldmine since everybody and their bother is constantly using Facebook.

You can also use paid post promotions  for extra umph via your Fan Page. This not only increases your shares but also increases your Edge Rank on Facebook meaning more people will see your content.
Facebook has the most users of any social media sites and it is a good place to start don’t forget to  like, comment and share.

Google+ |  Google is ranked #1 in the USA.

Google + is the social media network owned by Google of course .

Google plus had a birthday May of 2013 it was 2 years old. Since launching in 2011 it has become the second largest social networking site in the world.

Google + surpassed Twitter in January 2013. I will be writing more about Google + in the future.

You Tube is ranked #3

You Tube launched in 2005 and was sold to Google in 2009. It is a video sharing website. You may wonder why I included it here but there is a way to maximize You Tube for content sharing.
How to use it:
You can record a  video  post it on You Tube, then  write content to go with the video. Post the content to your blog and embed the video on your blog. From You Tube link back to your blog and the written content . This will drive traffic from You Tube to your blog.
It is easier to rank your content with a video and Google owns You Tube. There is an advantage sharing your content this way. Google likes blog posts with a You Tube video embedded.

Video is becoming more popular but You Tube is still underutilized. Now is the time to begin learning about social media backlinking using You Tube.

Twitter comes in at #12 rank for traffic.

Twitter is like a microblogging service. The text message can be up to 140 characters and they are known as tweets. It was created in 2006. There are over 500 million users at last count. You can connect and follow people of interest and you can also Re Tweet content you enjoy.Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool.

Twitter was recently beat out by Google + for the #2 Social Network in the world.

Pintrest is ranked at #16

Pintrest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. As a user you can browse other pinboards for images, ‘re-pin’ images to their own pinboards, or ‘like’ photos. You can also share your content directly to Pintrest. There is a lot of traffic on Pintrest

StumbleUpon #196

You determine your personal interest and Stumble Upon will feed content into your selected categories. Your content will also fall into other users categories. You can rate ,review and share what you stumble upon. It’s a great way to find cool content and great websites. You can add a Firefox or Google Chrome extension to your toolbar to make bookmarking easier.
Stumble Upon was written up in Forbes  (2011) as a great way to increase traffic to your web site and actually drives more traffic than Facebook even though it has a much smaller user base.

Digg is ranked at #800

All content is submitted by the user community. You simply submit the url for quality content you’d like to share.
Other Digg users can read your content and then digg it if they like it. With enough diggs your content is promoted to the first page where millions of visitors can see it and also give you their social vote.

There are many more social media backlinking sites  (hundreds of sites) such as:

These are all great sites for sharing and getting social votes for your content. There are hundreds of bookmarking and social media sites for sharing your content.
My strategy:

Finding  relevant key words for creating useful content, on page SEO optimization. I also ping my content after publishing. I will share in my next blog post automated social media tools I use to promote my content.

My strategy also includes using Comment Luv for do follow links. I  share to my Facebook Fan Page occasionally I do post promotion  to boost sharing of my content and I participate in a variety of content sharing groups. It’s always a good idea to have a call to action included at the end of your content. A simple CTA is to ask for Like, Comment and Share from your readers.

My social media  favorites are Facebook,  Goolgle +,  Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Digg, .

Over to you. Do you have a social media back linking strategy that you use consistently?

Which social media sharing sites do you post to regularly? What do you feel is the most important thing you do for content promotion?

I’d  hope you enjoyed this blog post and I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.

Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share!

Tonya Stephens

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Social Media Backlinks | 4 Keys To Success

                                 googleSocial media backlinks are now more important than ever for the growth of your website/blog.

When I started blogging not long ago I had no clue how to get traffic to my blog, it was a total mystery. I’m still  no expert but I’ve learned a lot recently about the elements needed to have a successful blog.

The #1 problem for websites/blogs is traffic. Unfortunately Google keeps tweaking their search engine algorithms which can affect your traffic . They just rolled out Penguin 2.0 last week.

But first a little history about what has happened in the last 2 years that might be affecting your website/blog and your traffic.

Individual pages on your website/blog get ranked by Google in the search engine from the number of backlinks they receive.  Your main url receives a ranking for the total number of backlinks to your site.

A backlink is like a vote and the more votes your site or pages get the better. More backlinks gives your site authority and shows Google that the content you offer is in demand and relevant to your market.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Panda algorithm. Google implemented Panda in 2011  and it affected 12% to 15% of all websites on the internet. Penguin changes came out last year and  Penguin 2.0    was just launched last week  (May 22, 2013).

Why did  Google take this  action?

It became obvious that some internet marketers took advantage of the system by creating or buying non desirable backlinks for the sole purpose of inflating their rank. Google caught on to this tactic and got fed up with backlink spamming. There were many “Black Hat” marketers using these methods to build quantities of backlinks to inflate their ranking but these backlinks  lacked quality. The website/blog owners were trying to create more traffic to their site.

Google likes quality (relevance) so with the algorithmic changes  they went after the spammy backlinks.

The result was to de-index many website’s backlinks and also in some instances de-index the website itself. Many marketers websites were devastated to say the least. They lost their backlinks and with it the lost their rank and their traffic.

Unfortunately some of the “White Hat” marketers were also caught in the cross fire and they too suffered some loss in backlinks and ranking.

This turn of events has brought us to social media for creating organic backlinks.

Google likes natural organic backlinks.  Enter “The Social Vote.”

Social Media Marketing is where we are today in building our website/blog and online business. To be effective we need to know all we can about how to implement this preferred backlinking strategy.

Social Media Definition:   Here’s a great article on what is Social Media. 

These backlinks are relevant to your site and also your bio because real humans are giving them to you when they come to your blog to read your content. This makes Google very happy! By getting your backlinks in this organic way you do not have to fear Google’s rath by getting  de-indexed.

How do you get “The Social Vote?” Here are 4 Keys to Success

 1.  Know which key words your niche market is looking for. Build your website/blog around those keywords. With Penguin make sure you use different anchor text for your keywords in a blog post.

 2. Write quality content that is relevant (keywords) to your market and readers. Great content still rules!

3. Make it easy for your readers by placing social media buttons in a convenient location. You really want everyone coming to your blog to share your great content.

4.You can also do your part to share your content on the web. Joining groups is one great way to share your content and also posting to your social media sites don’t forget to ask your fans and friends to Like, Comment and Share your blog posts.

What social media sharing sites do you  share on and what is a good way to implement social media management?

I will  be talking more about these top social media sites and social media tools in my next blog post.

I just read a great article by Babanature (thanks Adrienne) where he listed a great many of these social media examples. He also outlined his routine for posting and sharing to these sites. It’s a great read!

There is a site I’d like to share with you. You can go here and see how many backlinks your website/blog has. It will also tell you where these backlinks came from. It has a free version for checking 10 urls a day. It’s called Ahref  click the link.

What are your thoughts on the “Social Vote?” Like it, hate it? It took me a while to understand this subject. We as website owners need to stay aware of things that affect our website such as the newly implemented Penguin 2.0.

Over to you, do you think about SEO and backlinking? Are you doing keyword research to maximize your traffic potential?

What are you doing now for building backlinks to your blog?



Tonya Stephens

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Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


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Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Status Updates

I recently answered a question about the importance of having a Facebook fan page.

I outlined 3 Great Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page as a business person and why you should consider creating your very own fan page

Now that you know the importance of having a Facebook fan page what do you do to engage your new “Fans?”

It is recommended you post  status updates on a regular basis. It has been suggested that status updates be posted at least 3 times a day as a good rule of thumb to promote engagement with your fans.
If you’re like me, you might have a problem doing this on a consistent basis. Even if you do manage to keep up with this schedule Facebook can be a mine field of distractions  as we all know.

To prevent the shiny object syndrome from taking it’s toll and to be more organized in your Facebook marketing you could consider using a Facebook feature that I love, the Facebook status update scheduler. It automates your posts. So even when you are too busy to get over to Facebook 3 times a day you’re still posting automatically. It also gives you a chance to really think about your status updates. I’ve listed an editorial weekly suggested calender of what to post and when. This is only a suggestion but it does help me stay on track with my Facebook fan page.

Some marketers use a third party app such as Hoot Suite but if you don’t want another subscription payment every month and you don’t need all the other added feature of 3rd party apps read on.

I started using this Facebook feature not too long ago. I’ve found it to be a valuable time saver and it is a great solution for getting quality posts to my fans.

I think you will love it too.Watch this video on how  easy it is to schedule a  Facebook status update.

  • Click on your status update box
  • Look in the lower left hand and you will see a tiny clock icon.
  • Write your status update and then click this clock.
  • You will be able to input the year, day , hour and minute. Once you do this you will see schedule instead of post. click it.
  • You will now see an activity log confirming your scheduled post. You can go there to check it if you like or simply OK it.
  • That’s all there is too it! It saves be a ton of time.

Use it a few times and you will see how this feature can save you time.

I love using this feature because I don’t have to worry about getting on  at any given time. I know my fan page status updates are done for me automatically.
This is a great feature to use when you go on vacation as well!

Remember variety, value, consistency and engagement are keys to Facebook fan page success.

I took a course last year on Facebook marketing from “Get 1000 Fans.” They had some great suggestions for what to post for  value driven  content likely to spark engagement from your fans. I received a guide to help with this task.

This guide should be tailored to your unique market and situation.
Always have a call to action in your status updates. Ask your fans to “like , comment, share or click the link.”

  • Monday Morning : Ask a question such as what’s on your agenda for the week ahead.
  • Monday Evening: Share a great blog post. It could be yours or someone else’s as long as it’s value packed.
  • Tuesday Morning: You could create a poll on a hot topic for your niche market
  • Wednesday Morning: Post a video tutorial don’t forget a call to action
  • Wedneday Evening: You could ask another question
  • Thursday Morning: Share a blog post with a picture. Ask you fans to share an experience that reflects the subject of the blog post.
  • Thursday Evening: Post about a product or service of yours.
  • Friday Morning: Post more great content about a hot button subject, it could be an article or blog post.
  • Saturday and Sunday I think should be optional for a business page, how do you feel about that?

Are you using the Facebook status update scheduler on your Facebook home page? How do you like it?

If you aren’t using the Facebook status update scheduler what do you use?

I’d like to hear what other marketers are doing .

Post your comments below.

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Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


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I recently saw a question in a network marketing group from a lady who asked “Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page.”

I’ve been online for a while and  I was surprised because I thought everyone knew the answer to that question.  I forget there are plenty of new people entering online marketing everyday and they need Facebook marketing tips and the first place to start is setting up your Facebook fan page. 

 I think about my friend who’s been in business for 30 years but barely ever uses her Facebook profile much less  a fan page. She has never thought about Facebook for marketing.

I think there are many small business and mlm networkers out there who don’t know where to start when it comes to Facebook marketing. That’s a shame don’t you agree? There are some great reasons you need a fan page for your business and I’ve outlined 3 of them for you here.

“Why do you need a Facebook Fan Page?”

1. Facebook is the #2 search engine  in the whole world second only to Google

If you want to be found online Facebook is a good place to start. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free and easy  to sign up for Facebook and then create your Facebook fan page. Facebook fan page design is a snap.

Follow this 3 step process to see how easy it is to set up your Facebook fan page marketing.

If you put in some effort you will be seen by thousands of people on Facebook for free! Set up your Facebook fan page  and start telling people about it.

You can invite your email contacts. I don’t really advise inviting friends because one reason you’re doing a fan page is to keep personal and business separate but it is OK to invite other business contacts.
If you’re in  groups on Facebook you can connect with the members and let them know about your fan page. A lot of groups actually have a Fan Page document where you can list your page and the members are asked to like and reciprocate everyone’s pages.
One good tip is to like other pages with and make comments . You can then connect with other like minded people and invite them to like your page.

Facebook pages look similar to a personal page but there are some unique differences.

Facebook fan page tools offer ways you can connect with your target audience “fans.”
Important insights are provided on Facebook fan pages that helps you understand how your fans are interacting with your page. The insights also tell you a lot about who your fans (target market) are.

2. Build a community
On your personal page there is a 5000 friend limit. On a fan page there is no limit so grow it a big as you like. You can also upload unlimited photos and videos.

A Facebook fan page is a great way to connect with your niche market.

Your status updates will appear in their news feed and they can like, comment and share your updates.
You goal is to engage with the community you’re building on Facebook.
Remember the advantage to growing a large fan base is that you can promote to your fans and their friends. Once you get up to 400 or 500 fans your reach will grow exponentially to include your fans friends.  Check out this photo of my fan page, you can see the Friends of Fans is a very large number. This is your potential reach, well worth the effort to build your fan base.                                                                                                  Facebook fan page
You can also promote events related to your business and run contests using your custom Facebook fan page.
A fan page can also be used as another funnel to your blog or website.

3. A Facebook fan page is a massive opportunity to promote whatever you’re selling.

Advertising with a pay per click campaign on Facebook is optional but it is a fast way to build a fan base. Pay per click is a discussion for another blog post.
There are now several other ways to advertise and it’s easier than ever before to get your message in front of your target market. Page posts and sponsored stories are two of the ways you can advertise very easily.
A new option introduced last week is the promoted page option. It’s the easy way to get new likes to your page.
Facebook has added a new feature on your page under your profile picture. You have the option of picking your budget to create a promote page ad. After you choose the budget you can then choose your audience from a drop down menu in the preview ad. This creates an ad that will show in the target audiences timeline news feed. There’s a  link that makes it easy for people to simply click it to  like your page.

There are other reasons for a fan page but those are the main reasons I can think of right now.

How about you? Do you have a fan page for your business? Do you think it’s worth the effort to maintain a fan page?

What benefits have you received from your fan page?

I love to hear what you have to say about “Why you need a Facebook fan page”

Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


 Recession proof your income


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