Reach your goals they say. How you ask?

I listened to an interesting audio the other day as I drove to the gym, it  made a colossal impression. In fact it made such an impression I’ve had it on my mind for a few days and decided to write this blog post.  It’s a concept I wanted to share  with you. It is very simple and basic but definitely profound. It can help you reach your goals.Steve Covey wrote about this and called it The Law Of The Farm.

If you’re struggling with reaching your goals then keep reading.

reaching your goals

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The law of the farm came about by observing the natural world around us. It states as in farming, success in life comes from regular disciplined, daily effort. Remember Jesus said as we sow so shall we reap.

As the farmer plows his field so should we prepare ourselves for success. You must stay focused in order to reach your goals.

If you are a farmer you cannot expect a bumper crop if you lay around fishing and riding horses for 3 months then scramble to plow and sow your seeds at the last minute to grow your crop.Mother nature doesn’t work that way and the farmer knows this.

The same is true for the student in college who parties all week and then tries to cram for his big exam. He may pass the test but doesn’t really learn the material. Long term meaningful success doesn’t happen this way.

To reach your goals : sow your seeds in all of the necessary activities.

Those activities include :

1. Being committed to your goals.

2. Being a lifelong student and getting the training you deserve.

3. Take massive action on the things you learn.

4. Don’t’ be afraid to make mistakes.

5. Learn from your mistakes

6. Find a mentor. Follow someone who is having success.

7. Become an expert at your marketing strategy. Teach others.

8. Be generous and have a positive attitude. Don’t let the weeds of negativity grow in your garden.

9. Step out of your comfort zone. If it makes you nervous you are on the right path.

10. Give gratitude for all you have in your life and for your small successes because they will add up to a big success.

Success is built slowly and with purpose that is focused, to reach your goals be consistent with the best efforts you can manage on a daily basis.

Earl Nightingale also wrote about success being a procession of days not  a sudden burst of activity. Success is

reaching your goals

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a cumulative effect of disciplined, daily effort.

Nightingale said looking back on success that the person looking back would not say one thing or one day was given credit but that a constant focus with consistent effort over many days was the key. You should live your life one day at a time and be the best you can be during that day.

Many people especially in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing want instant success and money to come their way and when it doesn’t happen fast they become disillusioned and lose their focus. They do not understand The Law Of the Farm.

They basically give up.

There is no get rich quick scheme or short cuts to success.

Remembering the Law Of The Farm can help you stay on tract and reach your goals. It is a natural process, you can’t change it.  You can try by taking part in shady strategies that are sure to backfire…it’s the cramming for the test mentality! You won’t reach your goals this way I asure you of that.

Try to incorporate the Law Of The Farm into your thinking. Don’t get frustrated when reaching your goals is taking too long . It always seems that way when you are climbing the mountain but when you get there oh what a majestic view and reaching your goals was so worth the effort.

Remember you are not alone. We all have to work at reaching our goals on a daily basis and it doesn’t get easier because as you grow the goals get bigger.

Take it one day at a time and keep your eye on the prize do the things daily to reach your goals.

What struggles have you had in your journey to success?  Do you think you will ever be satisfied with your level of success?  I would love to hear about the trials and tribulations you have gone through or are going through in your journey.

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