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MLM Prospect Training: Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech                            Have you ever been in the check out line at the grocery store and saw someone who looked like a great candidate for your business. You want to approach this person but don't know what to say? Enter the elevator speech. It can save you lots of embarrassment at those awkward moments. It can Read more [...]

Obstacles To Your MLM Success: 4 Things To Consider

Obstacles To Your MLM Success: 4 Things To Consider We all get excited about things from time to time. Heck if we didn't life would be kind of boring. When you made the decision to join MLM  you got excited about the opportunity and  you began to envision your success.  How do you keep that vision alive in the day to day process of trying to Read more [...]
Visalus : My Husband Paid For My Enrollment! I am so excited to announce that I just became a Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Promoter. It's not because I took my own advice and researched the company to make the most informed decision, not at all, it's because my husband saw the company and the product and insisted this is what I should be doing. He even Read more [...]
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