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MLM Lead Generation | Benefits Of A Blog

Blog for MLM Lead Generation I have a tip for you today on how you can solve one of the biggest problems we have as network marketers and that problem is lead generation more specifically  laser targeted leads for our business. If you don't know what a laser targeted lead's someone who is looking for  exactly what you have to offer. There Read more [...]

The Reluctant Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. Is it no wonder some of us are reluctant...there's that word....RISK! Have you ever thought you might be going in circles in your life and not fulfilling your dreams?  You have an itch but can't seem to scratch it. You know you Read more [...]

5 Ways Thanksgiving Can Teach Us About Abundant Living

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day of  the year. It ushers in  the holiday and holy season. It is fitting that we give thanks at this time of year. How did we come to celebrate this feast and what can it mean for us. The Pilgrims came to this land in 1620 for religious freedom They gave up a lot, many even gave their lives. They were on a quest for Read more [...]

How Safe Is Your Twinkie?

Twinkie is vanished, gone, kaput. What's going on? How could this happen? There are many things in our world unsecured these days, what about these? How safe is your job? How safe is your retirement? How safe is your lifestyle? Not trying to scare you here but things are changing, so let's take a look at what happened to the Twinkie Read more [...]

MLM Success | How To Overcome 5 Common Objections

MLM success can be yours, if you #1 invest in yourself and #2 Refer to #1. Do you find yourself getting tongue tied when you hear objections such as "I don't have time to work a business," or "I'm not sure I can afford to start a business," or how about this one, I'm sure you've heard it by now, "Is this thing a pyramid scheme?" Your prospects have Read more [...]

Magnetic Sponsoring | Do You Suck At MLM?

Magnetic Sponsoring - Do You Suck At MLM? Ok let's be honest here. I don't usually talk like this but for those of you who really do suck at your MLM business I wanted to grab your attention and share this with you. Everybody sucks at first.  I know I did and sometimes still do. I just finished an incredible book, actually I've just re-read it Read more [...]

How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

The Perfect Blog Post, does it really exist or is it the Chupacabra of the internet? Never heard of the Chupacabra? It could be a myth or a legend.  It is said to strike in the middle of the night and loves blood? Some call the Chupacabra Puerto Rico's version of the Yeti!  It is infamous, not too unlike our subject of the day, "The Perfect Blog Read more [...]
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