ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules Review:

ASEA Review

If you are here reading this review it’s probably because you’ve recently heard about ASEA and want to know more about it.

What is ASEA?

How does ASEA work?

What are the benefits of ASEA?

Perhaps you want to use the product and perhaps you are considering joining the company as a distributor.

Here are some of the answers.

ASEA is a product made from salt water, more specifically processed salt water and that contains  stabilized redox signaling molecules.

What the heck is a redox signaling molecule? Here you go:

Redox signaling is a process in which free radicals and other electronically activated radicals act as messengers in the body. It is a process that shows how cells in our body respond to oxidants and free radicals. Redox signaling is a continuous and important process that allows cells to communicate with each other and carry out body functions

ASEA is reported to have a stablized version of redox signaling molecules that no one else has ever produced for consumption. The draw back is it taste like chlorinated pool water. So why would people drink this stuff? Well the answer may lie in the marketing. It has been touted as a fountain of youth. It promises to help reverse any problem related to aging just in time for the biggest trend in modern history “The Baby Boomers.”
How does it work?

Competitive athletes drank the ASEA water one week before clinical  testing.

They were then put through some strenuous physical exercise. This was a  double blind study  to prove the actual physiologic benefits. The Athletes claimed they “knew” the benefits before it was proven. They said they could feel it working and had more energy and better endurance.
After the testing the scientist doing the research were surprised by the ASEA results.                                                                                                                 ASEA Review

This is what they found:

The Asea causes an increase in fatty acids in the blood. The scientist think the fatty acids came from the fat stores in the abdominal area. It increased metabolism.

This fat is used as energy during exercise and even if you don’t exercise it still increases your metabolism. Daily activities are improved as well. If this is really true the shift in metabolism is a very good thing for everyone.
So there you have it, I think the jury is still out on this one. Is it legit? Only time will tell. Try it for yourself and report back.

There are some hurdles to jump if you want to distribute this product.

1. You will have to explain what it is.

2. It could be perceived by many as expensive water and it taste bad.

3.The compensation plan is a binary.
The company is based in Salt Lake Valley, Utah and the Founders are Verdis Norton  and James Pack. Verdis Norton has 30 years with Kraft Foods and James Pack built a very successful telecom consulting company.
The compensation plan is a binary.If you build your team correctly you could have a great income level with this company. Emphasis on building correctly.

One of the biggest problems ASEA distributors will face is how to build a large team. After you go through your warm market you will need a way to market your business. One way to market is on the internet. You can generate a steady stream of leads using the system that I use.
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