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Can you really attract people to you online using attraction marketing? The answer of course is yes. Attraction Marketing: Is the new  model for doing business. It leverages the internet and social media to attract interested customers to you instead of you chasing them. This is a very useful way of generating leads for your network marketing business Read more [...]
Branding is one of the best things you can do to build your online business. With branding you will create recognition and trust two crucial elements for online success. By doing some simple branding techniques you can create a great impression of who you are and what you have to offer. Consider this: You can only make a first impression once. Make Read more [...]

MLM Forums | 5 Things To Know Before Joining

MLM Forums can be a great marketing strategy for your business. The definition of forums in ancient Rome  could be described as a market place or public square . It would be the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assemble for the people. It could also be described as a meeting place for the discussion of questions of public Read more [...]
A lead generation blog is a very important step to your online marketing strategy.   It is a long term strategy and it can take a while to build traffic with this strategy but if you're consistent it can be one of the most effective and lucrative ways to produce quality leads for your business. I would like to share with you the steps you need Read more [...]

Building Your Own Personal Brand | 3 Awesome Reasons

Building your own personal brand. Just last week I shot a video on how a blog can help you build your own personal brand so today I wanted to talk to you about why it is  important to begin building your own personal brand in the first place. Let me start by asking you this question, "Have you read the policy and procedure manual for your multi Read more [...]

How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

The Perfect Blog Post, does it really exist or is it the Chupacabra of the internet? Never heard of the Chupacabra? It could be a myth or a legend.  It is said to strike in the middle of the night and loves blood? Some call the Chupacabra Puerto Rico's version of the Yeti!  It is infamous, not too unlike our subject of the day, "The Perfect Blog Read more [...]
Internet Marketing: Things I've learned in my first year                As I sit here reflecting on the past year and the reasons that first attracted me to internet marketing for my MLM business , I break out in a big smile. I can say with some certainty that I have made definite progress. I'd like to take some time here to tell you about Read more [...]

Facebook Marketing Strategies to Jump Start Your Business

Yes you can use Facebook marketing strategies  to promote your network marketing business online. You can bring in leads, opportunities and sales for any small business. I do it every day. There is a right way and a wrong way to utilize Facebook marketing strategies. There is a big difference in using Facebook for your business compared to Read more [...]
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