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Can you really attract people to you online using attraction marketing? The answer of course is yes.

Attraction Marketing: Is the new  model for doing business. It leverages the internet and social media to attract interested customers to you instead of you chasing them. This is a very useful way of generating leads for your network marketing business but can also be used for traditional business.

This method allows you to leverage the speed of the internet, it’s cost effective and also the reach is unlimited for finding motivated customers and prospects.  You can do this as a part time business.

The first step in attraction marketing is to give your prospects useful information about how to build their business.

Your goal is to become a specialist in a specific  marketing method or strategy so you become the go to person.

attraction marketing

Here are 3 of the mistakes I see online using attraction marketing methods and how they can be avoided.

Attraction Marketing is a great way to get your prospects to come to you . If you set this up correctly with a self-branding attraction marketing system  you will never have to worry about where your leads will come from in the future.

There are some attraction marketing mistakes I’ve noticed people making.

If you’ve made some of these mistakes never fear because I’ve also given you the solution to the problem!

Attraction  Marketing Mistake #1

You pretend to have all the answers and set yourself up as an expert before you’re ready.

It’s OK not to have all the answers!

A lot of marketers pretend to be successful and know their stuff when in truth they really don’t. It’s not surprising since many guru’s online teach this tactic.

Honesty is the best policy always!

The premise of attraction marketing is to set yourself up as the expert and a leader.

Many people pretend to be experts when they haven’t done the work and don’t yet have experience.

It is such an exciting idea to have a steady flow of leads coming in on autopilot instead of you chasing them that some marketers forget to check their egos at the door. It’s not about you the marketer making money off of people who are struggling. It’s about helping people who really need solutions to their problems building a business.

Unfortunately in the excitement to capitalize on this type of marketing many people go overboard. Some even live the lifestyle before their success happens. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s ok to believe in the dream but it’s also a good idea to remain grounded and remain practical.

Do this instead

Admit it when you don’t have the answer!

This goes a long way to building credibility. Believe it or not you can build trust by admitting you don’t have all the answers. Honesty will build a strong foundation which will carry your business into the future.

Develop skills as you grow. As a marketer the more skills you have the more people you can help and the more success you will create. You don’t have to pretend. In fact most people will see through the facade.

Be yourself, you are the brand and you don’t want to tarnish that for any reason.

Attraction Marketing Mistake #2

You subscribe to a system and then find out it doesn’t’ brand you.

There are many mlm attraction marketing  systems out there that can help you learn and develop your skills. Part of the allure is the attraction marketing system also furnishes a way to attract and capture leads. The best way to attract leads is to build “You” as the brand.

Be careful which system you choose . Make sure it brands you.

 Your long term goal in attraction marketing  is to brand yourself and develop a business foundation you can build on for your future.

Do this instead:

The system you subscribe too must  be able to brand you and have a customization sales funnel. You want to put your own video  and audio into the system. You want freedom to change text and make it your own.

As with all things in life “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.” Take the time to learn how things work.  Make sure you are building something that cannot be jeopardized by outside sources. Build “You” the brand and own it.and add to your skill set as you go.

BIG TIP:  Be dedicated to learning attraction marketing strategies.

Prospects are very knowledgeable in today’s online market. So look sharp and learn as much as you can.

Video is the quickest way to make an impression and helps your prospect make the decision to give you their contact information. Show confidence in the things you know and are good at. Offer value packed information with you own personal flavor.

Video allows your prospects to hear your voice and see you in action. This goes beyond any other marketing method for building your brand, establishing trust.

If you’re scared of video. Start slow but keep going until you become more comfortable because I promise you it will get easier.

We are all unique in our own way and there’s plenty of people looking for information and help with their home based business. Remember the failure rate in network marketing is a whopping 97% .

Attraction  Marketing Mistake #3

You give up before you reach your goals.

It takes time to build a business online. Unfortunately many people buy into the dream of supersonic speed in success working from home. Most people want it but they don’t know what it takes to achieve it. After a few failures they quit.

Online network marketing is not a get rich quick proposition. It takes time, dedication and staying power. Most people quit before they see results. They think they are a failure because they didn’t get rich in the first few months.

Do this instead

Read about network marketing before you join a company. There are some great books out there that outline the trials and tribulations of building a successful home based business. One of my favorite’s is ” Beach Money” by Jordan Adler. He was in 11 different companies before he finally figured out what it really takes to be a success in network marketing.

Set realistic expectations.

Know it will take some time. It could take as much as 3 to 5 years with consistent effort.

Learn how to stay motivated by setting goals and practicing positive mindset techniques;

It’s ok to get excited about your new business in fact it’s mandatory but soon the new shiny wears off, then what. You must find ways to keep going and it all boils down to your mindset and belief in yourself. Read my blog post here on mindset.

There are many things you can do to stay motivated and focused and there’s plenty of help out there. So just look around and you will find what you seek.

I’d love to hear what you have to share.

What are your experiences with attraction marketing? What has helped you more than anything else with marketing online? What are you biggest challenges?


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Branding is one of the best things you can do to build your online business.

With branding you will create recognition and trust two

crucial elements for online success.

branding your business

Free Digital Images

By doing some simple branding techniques you can create a great impression of who you are and what you have to offer.

Consider this: You can only make a first impression once. Make sure it’s one that’ll grab your audiences attention and also one they will remember.
If you don’t have a brand theme going then it’s time to get started.
Here are some great examples of great  branding we are all immediately familiar with.

What do you think about when you see these brands? I’ve listed my thoughts.

McDonald’s: Fast food, Billions of Hamburgers sold, Happy Meals
Pier One: Trendy home funiture, cool, chic home accessories, fun lifestyle
Wal Mart : No frills and low prices.
These are just off the top of my head and I’m sure you know of many others, that’s the power of branding, everyone recognizes not only the name but also what it stands for.
What do you stand for? How do you want people to recognize you?

 Here are some questions you must answer if you want to take steps to branding your business.

1. Who is your niche market?
2. What can you offer in value that your competitors can’t match.
Finding your market in network marketing is not hard since there are so many struggling network marketers. Most of us in network marketing know what they are struggling with since we have struggled with the same problems.
After you’ve identified your market the next task is to create a brand name and a tag line.
Most internet network marketers are advised to  keep their name as their brand name. The reason for this is if you decided to change companies your brand is you and not tied to a particular company brand. You are the brand.

Next is to create a tag line. This can be the most difficult process.

What exactly is a tag line?
A tagline is a short concise phrase situated under or alongside your logo that conveys a single strong message. Tag lines should resonate strongly with your niche market.
You tag line should be original, believable, and simple, unconventional, provocative or humorous. What ever your tag line is make sure it’s an honest expression of your brand. Make it uniquely yours.
Some examples of great tag lines:
“You’re in good hands with Allstate” Allstate insurance
“What can brown do for you?” UPS
“The Uncola” Pepsi
Some marketers know immediately what their tag line will be for  example:

Frank Marino “The Bluesman of MLM”.

Some will be ordained by others with a tag line such Adrienne Smith ” The Engagement Superstar” and then there are those who developed a tag line such as Michelle and Bill Pescosolido ” Online Wealth Partners” These are all winning taglines don’t you agree?

If you’re stuck on your tag line here are some helpful tips:
You can brainstorm with others and also do a vision board to look at different logos and taglines. Go blog hopping and look at other marketers to see what they’ve come up with. This may help to stimulate your creative juices. You can also visit  an outsourcing site for graphics and services to look at sample headers and logos . This may help you with ideas for your own. Keep a file of what you find.
After you have your tagline and logo you can begin putting your brand out there on the internet.

You will need a header for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and any other site where you want to dislplayyour brand.
It is important to keep your branding congruent on all of your sites so make your headers similar for all your sites.
Outsourcing tip for branding your business:

As I mentioned earlier offers a great outsourcing service especially for graphics. You can evaluate their work and pick a graphic artist that will do the job for you in a professional manner and it’s also extremely cost effective usually around $5. One tip about Fiverr, read the reviews before you place an order.

Branding Your Business Tips:

Branding is partly emotional and so imagery is an important part of your brand.
You want your prospects to know that by associating with you they will have an easier time with what ever problem they are struggling with. It could be internet marketing, network marketing , blogging, social media marketing, video marketing or a combination .

Make your brand unique and offer something of value that’s uniquely yours to give.

Now over to you. Are you branding your business? How did you come up with your tagline? How did you find your niche market?

I’d love to hear about your branding stories.

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MLM Forums | 5 Things To Know Before Joining

MLM Forums can be a great marketing strategy for your business.

Roman Statue

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

The definition of forums in ancient Rome  could be described as a market place or public square . It would be the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assemble for the people. It could also be described as a meeting place for the discussion of questions of public interest.

The definition is not unlike the MLM forums on the internet today.

It is a gathering place and it definitely is a place for discussion, answering questions and getting information.

This blog post will help you understand how you can use mlm forums as a free lead source.

Forums are often an overlooked area. Some of the benefits include:

  • You are in the company of “Like Minded” people sharing ideas and thoughts about ways to build  business.
  • There are usually lots of newbies in the forums looking for answers to things they are struggling with.
  • You can be building  backlinks to your blog when you place the link  in your signature.

There are many mlm forums on the internet related to the home based business and network marketing. MLM forums are an excellent place to not only learn about techniques to grow your business but also begin building relationships. You can visit a few of these a day to begin the process.

Most of the people on these mlm forums will be promoting something so it is helpful if you can offer some form of generic marketing information which can pull in some clicks and opt ins and it also brands you as a professional marketer. You are building a reputation by showing your professionalism.

You want to have a great signature file you can use on your mlm forums profile such as: Don’t leave money on the table. Learn what to offer people who say No to your business. http://www you link.

Here are dos and don’ts for marketing on forums:

1. Please don’t SPAM. If you see someone posting a link in their comments it’s probably a new marketer. Set the example: keep your links in your signature only.

2. You main goal should be to always be positive ,lead by example and offer value based comments and  training.

3. If you don’t know anything about a subject being discussed then do your homework and research for the answer then go back and share what you learn.

4. Make sure you ask questions to encourage interaction with the forum members.

5. A great idea would be to have a lead capture page in place with email follow ups ready to send. You will be building  your list with the opt ins.

It is important to interact with the forum members by posting updates and answering questions the more you connect the more opportunity you have for leaving your links on many different topics.

Here is a list of some of the Top Marketing forums you might like to leave your signature on.

 Mike Dillard’s Better Networker Community

CommunityRegister.aspx  Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Community

  Warrior Forum

   WAHM Forums

  Work at Home Forum

  The Freelance Mom Forums

Mike Filsaime Marketing

  IM4Newbies Internet Marketing

 Anthony Blake Online


Hope you enjoyed this blog post about mlm forums. I’d like to hear from you if you are using forums to generate free leads and build your list. Do you have any stories to share about mlm forums?


Tonya Stephens

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A lead generation blog is a very important step to your online marketing strategy.  lead generation

It is a long term strategy and it can take a while to build traffic with this strategy but if you’re consistent it can be one of the most effective and lucrative ways to produce quality leads for your business.

I would like to share with you the steps you need to take to come up with good content for your prospects. If you give your prospects valuable content they will come back again and again. It is the content that will turn your blog into a lead generation blog.

A blog post you write today can continue to generate leads for you long after it’s published. Blogging is a lead generation tool that works for you 24/7, wouldn’t it be great to generate leads while you sleep?

A lead generation blog can be one of your most valuable assets. It is a platform for shining your unique personality. You can speak in your own unique voice and in this way your prospects get to know you.

#1 Content creation for your lead generation blog:

First and foremost define who your target market is. This is a big part of the battle when writing a lead generation blog post. Who are your prospects? What are they looking for? What are they struggling with?

One way to define your target market is to think about yourself in terms of what you have learned and what you struggled with when you first started learning online marketing.

After you have determined who you are writing for then you will need to create great content for them.

There are many places you can look for good ideas to create your content. Here is a list but not all inclusive of some of the places I go to get my ideas.

  • Online-Google- MLM Forums
  • Magazines such as Success Magazine and Networking Times
  • Live Events- such as your company’s MLM Event
  • Books- Any and all related to Mindset and Motivational
  • Master Mind Groups- what are people talking about related to your niche?
  • Face book Groups- again what are people talking about?
  • Webinars
  • Your own personal experiences

There are many other places to find ideas for blog posts…be creative.


#2  Use a good key word when writing for your lead generation blog post:

After you’ve come up with several ideas for your  blog post or even before you need to find a key word.

A good key word or key word phrase is one that people are actually looking for. The way to find out what people are looking for is to do a key word search. I use the free Google Key Word Tool. This will tell you how many people are searching for the word you’re interested in using.

There is another tool I use  called Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a very good tool but there is a learning curve and I will be the first to tell you I am not an expert using this tool. I basically use the Google key word tool to find a good word or phrase then I take a  look at it with Market Samurai to see more about the strength of the competition.

Once you are happy with the number of searches your key word will receive and know that the competition is fair then you can begin to write your content.


#3 Putting it all together and final touches for your lead generation blog post.

The beginning of the writing process for me is to put in the headings first. I always use at least 3 headings which are  H1,H2 and H3 . This creates the  frame work for  the blog post. Then I write the content consisting of several paragraphs for each heading. I usually write my  blog post on a word document first because it is easier to maneuver there, the word press format is a little tight. I write the content then copy and paste it to Word press.

I also use a tool called SEO Pressor. It is like an SEO expert standing over your shoulder telling you what your blog post needs as far as key word density which should be between 1.5 to 2%. You will also need links to other pages on your blog, alt tags, headings and so on. With SEO Pressor you get a score for your post and also a key word density percentage.

Next you will need to include pictures and those can be found on many different sites most of which are free as long as you give credit to the site and the contributor. For most of my images I use  freedigitalphotos, or you can use you own personal images which are always a nice touch. You can also add a video to your blog post as well as pictures.

Last but not least don’t forget the call to action. This is where you can offer a free give away in exchange for the prospect’s contact information. The call to action is probably one of the most important parts of the blog post and should never be forgotten

So there you have it. This is how you can use your blog as a lead generation tool that will give you many free leads!


P.S. If you liked this blog post and need  help with your online marketing efforts , check out this training lead generation strategies. click here.



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Building Your Own Personal Brand | 3 Awesome Reasons

Building your own personal brand.building your own personal brand

Just last week I shot a video on how a blog can help you build your own personal brand so today I wanted to talk to you about why it is  important to begin building your own personal brand in the first place.

Let me start by asking you this question, “Have you read the policy and procedure manual for your multi level marketing company?”

It is important to know what the company rules are as an independent distributor. There are some things you need to be aware of  so make sure you read the policies and procedure manual to find out what they are.

Even though you are independent you are still paid a commission by the company and this could come to an abrupt end for many reasons.

Here are a few of them:

  • You break the rules either willfully or accidentally and are terminated.
  •  The company goes belly up for whatever reason.
  •  You simple decide you want to move on and do something else.
These are just a few of reasons and I’m sure you can think of a few more.

I’m going to explain in this blog post why you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket .

Here are 3 reasons why you should be building your own personal brand online.

1.When you are building your own personal brand you are totally in control . You are the CEO and the chief bottle washer of your personal brand.

By building your own personal brand online you can keep doing business as usual even if there are major changes to your multilevel marketing business. You will still be established online as an entrepreneur. You can still maintain the relationships you’ve built and you will still be in control of your list of contacts. You are the brand and by having you as the brand you stay in total control.

2. When you build your  own personal brand you can offer many different products.

You are not tied to one thing you can diversify what you promote. Most of the products I promote online are of an educational nature but there are many products. In this way you can and will develop multiple streams of income. I have done this and it’s a great feeling to know you are not dependent on one check or one company. It’s really a lot of fun when you go to the bank cashing in all those checks!

3. Building your own personal brand gives you freedom to create your own product.

The digital age has given us a lot of opportunity for building a product and promoting it online. This can be very lucrative.

Even if you give away your product for contact information it is a great way to find those targeted leads that we all need to grow our business.

This is the big picture you need to be aware of, it’s not just one thing you can do but multiple areas of interests and income.

Develop you…you are a leader, you are a teacher, you are a coach, you are a product creator and you have a diversified line of goods you can offer to anyone who needs help and is struggling with their business online or off line.

So I hope you can why you might want to consider the pros of building your own personal brand online.

There is no reason to put all of your eggs in one basket! It’s a big world out there and the internet has opened up unlimited possibilities.

If you are struggling with your business I highly recommend you take the time to learn how to begin building you own personal brand. This is something no one can take away from you. You can be in the drivers seat.

If you are interested in building your brand online click here.

To Your Online Marketing Success,

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How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

The Perfect Blog Post, does it really exist or is it the Chupacabra of the internet?the perfect blog post

Never heard of the Chupacabra? It could be a myth or a legend.  It is said to strike in the middle of the night and loves blood? Some call the Chupacabra Puerto Rico’s version of the Yeti!  It is infamous, not too unlike our subject of the day,

“The Perfect Blog Post!” How can you write it?

Have you ever wondered what makes a blog post popular and readable? If you’re a blogger then I know those thoughts have crossed your mind at least once or twice. Of course there are  some things we are trying to accomplish with every blog post: readability, share ability and a little likability, right.  Study the diagram below, commit it to memory, put it into practice and find the perfect key word and you will have the beginnings of the perfect blog post.

This diagram came from Social Triggers site and they were so kind as to let everyone share this with their blogging friends looking to learn as much as possible about blogging and how to construct the perfect blog post.
Like this? Learn how to use psychology to get more traffic and sales with Social Triggers.


 The most important feature of the perfect blog post.

#1. The headline ,If you can’t get them to stop and read your headline they are gone.  There are many interesting blogs out there and the next attention grabbing headline is just around the corner. Grab their attention now cause they may not be back anytime soon.

#2. Make your opening  interesting enough to get your audience to read the first few sentences.

#3. Use a half width image to make the first few lines shorter. This helps to increase interest and a desire to read more.

#4. Sub-head. make a promise and give them a benefit for reading on.

#5. Trigger an emotion. Emotions help us focus and this will make them pay attention.

#6. Encourage  them to quote you by having a Tweet button available. Remember people quote authorities

#7. Big Promise here give your audience the step by step and the how to.

#8. Give good advice, you know the kind you’d like to get. Something that will help you do something better with tips you need to know. Useful content is more viral than any other kind.

There you have it. Tried and true diagram of how to write the perfect blog post. I will be using this diagram for future posting, how bout you?

I hope this blog post was helpful for you!  Please comment, share and tweet it with your friends.

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I use a marketing system to help me stay up to date with what’s happening now.

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Internet Marketing: Things I’ve learned in my first year        Internet Marketing       

As I sit here reflecting on the past year and the reasons that first attracted me to internet marketing for my MLM business , I break out in a big smile.

I can say with some certainty that I have made definite progress. I’d like to take some time here to tell you about my journey so far.I haven’t traveled  alone, I subscribe to an educational platform called My Lead System Pro. It has been through this system that I’ve learned and developed internet marketing skills and continue to learn daily. I am grateful for finding this system. I also want you to know about the warm and welcoming community of other online marketers who are willing to share what works for them.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far:

1.Internet Marketing on Face book:

I’ve learned that spamming your friends is not the way to go on Face book. I learned how to build a fan page for my internet marketing business and also for my primary MLM business. I learned how to put together an effective Pay Per Click Ad Campaign to drive traffic to my fan page and  lead capture pages and also  built an audience for my fan pages. Through this pay per click campaign I generated leads for my internet marketing business and also generated interest in my primary business and began building my list.

2. Building a List using Internet Marketing:

Effective marketing is all about building and maintaining a list .The whole point of advertising and driving traffic is to identify those people interested in what you have to offer. In the last year I began building this list and I also learned how to use an autoresponded   I use the autoresponder to stay in contact with my list and also to send out broadcast messages for upcoming training , webinars, my blog posts and special announcements.

3.  Internet Marketing Blog:

Here’s one of the really big marketing strategies you can use to attract prospects to your business , your personal blog.This is  where people get to know you, most important in business and especially on the internet.  A blog is one of the best things you can do to build an audience and a list for your business. Blogging has been a learning experience for me.  My blog is a work in progress. I will be learning and working on this for a while! It needs constant attention and nurturing. You don’t have to blog but the top internet marketers do have one and I highly recommend you learn how to produce your very own branded blog. This is where you can share great value with your audience.
Post valuable content to your blog on a regular basis, feed your blog and it will grow.  Once you write your blog post then you want to promote it.  You must do the promoting and find tools to help you. It’s work but the payoff is worth the effort.

4.Internet Marketing: Videos

In the past year since I started my journey into internet marketing the one thing that scared my more than any other thing is Video.
Why is something so simple as talking into a camera so scary? It really does hit at some primal level fear. But good news I’m breaking through on this marketing strategy just like the others I have tackled in the last year. Like so many strategies of marketing, I listened to countless webinars, watched  You Tube Videos looking for style and substance. The verdict is this…be yourself..there is no secret to creating You Tube Videos. Be honest, be yourself and offer some valuable content…that’s it. After many videos you will feel more comfortable with the camera.
Video marketing is hot! People have less attention spans and are looking for a quick way to get information fast.

5. Internet Marketing Secret: You never know who’ll you’ll meet!

The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for sure but the most special part of it has been the people I’ve met online. Internet marketers share the same desire to conquer this thing called  internet marketing and reap the rewards. Not only have I met successful online entrepreneurs  but also people just beginning . Some have been from the USA but many others have been from other countries as well. You never know who’ll you’ll connect with on the world wide web. I’ve also learned that picking up the telephone to connect with your leads can be a joy and not to be feared. There are people out there in the same place I was in just a short year ago and any help and support you can offer is welcomed.

Summary for Internet Marketing My First Year:

As I write this blog post, I am out of the country on vacation and it was for this very reason I was drawn to the idea of  internet marketing in the first place. I wanted to work from anywhere and now I am doing it!   Wow, I’m really doing it and so can you!

If you want to learn to take your business to the next level and truly be free with a portable business click here to learn more about internet marketing:



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Facebook Marketing Strategies to Jump Start Your Business

Yes you can use Facebook marketing strategies  to promote your network marketing business online.

You can bring in leads, opportunities and sales for any small business. I do it every day.

Facebook Marketing Strategies to Jump Start your Business!

There is a right way and a wrong way to utilize Facebook marketing strategies. There is a big difference in using Facebook for your business compared to your personal life use-you need a good  Facebook marketing strategy in place in order to get the results you are after. Unfortunately most people using Facebook have never been trained in the “how to” of social media marketing.

Facebook marketing strategies utilize Fan Pages

You must use Fan Pages for the  Facebook marketing strategies business side of things. You know you’re on a Fan Page when you see the “Like” button. You’re goal is to get lots of likes.

The great thing about getting “Likes” on your Fan Page is the validation that there are many people out there who are really interested in what you have to offer. Everyone who “Likes “your page is raising their hand and expressing their interest in learning more about your business. Your customers are already on Facebook, so why not plant your business where they already are?

You must have a personal profile set up first before you can create a Fan Page. I would encourage you to think seriously about how you’d like to build your brand with your Fan Page. There are also many categories to choose from. I use my name since that is the brand I am building and I have my fan page set up under the category of business person.

Building your business using these Facebook marketing strategies is  not a hard thing to do, and can easily be achieved in a little bit of time during the day.

You can actually automate your status updates  to make the Facebook marketing strategies easier so you really only have to go to the site several times a week to get the maximum result for your effort. Then when you do go to your Fan Page you can encourage discussion or ask questions to make the connection with your potential customers and prospects.

There is paid advertising within Face Book but it is not necessary to go that route. It may take a little longer to achieve the results you are after but you can produce the same results.

Facebook marketing strategy tips:

  • Engage with your audience. It only takes a little bit of time to impress your fans and make that important connection. Interact for a few minutes during the day to see huge results.  Another  tip is to use photos or upload videos. The new timeline format displays photos prominently. You know most business owners don’t display photos in their brick in mortar stores so by doing this one thing you become real to your fans and this helps make the connection.


  • Let people know you have a Fan Page. You must mingle on other pages and let people know you are there. You can post a comment on someone else’s status especially if there have been a lot of comments, this lets people see you and get to know you.


  • Another great practice is to post scheduled automated status updates using social media tools .


  • Make your page interesting fun and a lively experience by encouraging fans to interact on your page.

Another cool thing about using Facebook marketing strategies are the in-depth user data about your page, called Insights.  Insights include information on the gender, age and location of who is looking at your page, as well as which types of status updates are the most popular.

Here are a couple more advantages to using a Fan Page over your profile page: Facebook allows you to have no more than 5,000 friends on your personal profile. Once you reach 5,000 you’ll simply be unable to accept new friend request. However, Facebook   fan pages allow an unlimited number of “likes”. This is a great reason you want to use a page and not a personal profile to promote your small business.


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