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Branding is one of the best things you can do to build your online business.

With branding you will create recognition and trust two

crucial elements for online success.

branding your business

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By doing some simple branding techniques you can create a great impression of who you are and what you have to offer.

Consider this: You can only make a first impression once. Make sure it’s one that’ll grab your audiences attention and also one they will remember.
If you don’t have a brand theme going then it’s time to get started.
Here are some great examples of great  branding we are all immediately familiar with.

What do you think about when you see these brands? I’ve listed my thoughts.

McDonald’s: Fast food, Billions of Hamburgers sold, Happy Meals
Pier One: Trendy home funiture, cool, chic home accessories, fun lifestyle
Wal Mart : No frills and low prices.
These are just off the top of my head and I’m sure you know of many others, that’s the power of branding, everyone recognizes not only the name but also what it stands for.
What do you stand for? How do you want people to recognize you?

 Here are some questions you must answer if you want to take steps to branding your business.

1. Who is your niche market?
2. What can you offer in value that your competitors can’t match.
Finding your market in network marketing is not hard since there are so many struggling network marketers. Most of us in network marketing know what they are struggling with since we have struggled with the same problems.
After you’ve identified your market the next task is to create a brand name and a tag line.
Most internet network marketers are advised to  keep their name as their brand name. The reason for this is if you decided to change companies your brand is you and not tied to a particular company brand. You are the brand.

Next is to create a tag line. This can be the most difficult process.

What exactly is a tag line?
A tagline is a short concise phrase situated under or alongside your logo that conveys a single strong message. Tag lines should resonate strongly with your niche market.
You tag line should be original, believable, and simple, unconventional, provocative or humorous. What ever your tag line is make sure it’s an honest expression of your brand. Make it uniquely yours.
Some examples of great tag lines:
“You’re in good hands with Allstate” Allstate insurance
“What can brown do for you?” UPS
“The Uncola” Pepsi
Some marketers know immediately what their tag line will be for  example:

Frank Marino “The Bluesman of MLM”.

Some will be ordained by others with a tag line such Adrienne Smith ” The Engagement Superstar” and then there are those who developed a tag line such as Michelle and Bill Pescosolido ” Online Wealth Partners” These are all winning taglines don’t you agree?

If you’re stuck on your tag line here are some helpful tips:
You can brainstorm with others and also do a vision board to look at different logos and taglines. Go blog hopping and look at other marketers to see what they’ve come up with. This may help to stimulate your creative juices. You can also visit  an outsourcing site for graphics and services to look at sample headers and logos . This may help you with ideas for your own. Keep a file of what you find.
After you have your tagline and logo you can begin putting your brand out there on the internet.

You will need a header for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and any other site where you want to dislplayyour brand.
It is important to keep your branding congruent on all of your sites so make your headers similar for all your sites.
Outsourcing tip for branding your business:

As I mentioned earlier offers a great outsourcing service especially for graphics. You can evaluate their work and pick a graphic artist that will do the job for you in a professional manner and it’s also extremely cost effective usually around $5. One tip about Fiverr, read the reviews before you place an order.

Branding Your Business Tips:

Branding is partly emotional and so imagery is an important part of your brand.
You want your prospects to know that by associating with you they will have an easier time with what ever problem they are struggling with. It could be internet marketing, network marketing , blogging, social media marketing, video marketing or a combination .

Make your brand unique and offer something of value that’s uniquely yours to give.

Now over to you. Are you branding your business? How did you come up with your tagline? How did you find your niche market?

I’d love to hear about your branding stories.

Tonya Stephens

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MLM Prospecting | How To Ignore Rejection

MLM Prospecting : Don’t let rejection stop you before you start!

Network marketing can be one of the most rewarding businesses.   Be aware there are certain challenges we all deal with especially mlm prospecting. This blog post will identify some of these mlm prospecting challenges and offer guidance and encouragement for overcoming them so you can embrace and enjoy success!

MLM Prospecting|Warm Market Rejection:

MLM Prospecting

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One of the first things you learn from your upline is to tap into your warm market for mlm prospecting.

This market includes your spouse, family and friends.  These are the people you love and respect the most. Their rejection can be most painful and hard to deal with. Warm market rejection could be the number one reason people fail in their mlm.

Here’s the scene: You’ve just gone to a presentation for xyz company. You’re sold on the company and the compensation plan and you decide to join but first you go home to talk it over with your spouse. You are filled with excitement and try to explain what the opportunity is all about. You have no idea your spouse will respond any other way except to say go for it I’m behind you 100%!

Instead your Spouse says this “I can’t believe you want to join a Pyramid Scheme are you crazy,” or words to that effect.

How about this one : You call your long time friend to set up a presentation appointment, he tells you he’s not interested! He says he’s heard horror stories about mlm. Here’s another scenario, he agrees to come to the presentation and then doesn’t show up! Statistics are about 50% of your warm market will not show up for the appointment.

Wow, how disappointing! You feel about as low as you can get.

 Perk up! Don’t listen to these people who don’t know what they are talking about! They will try to save you from this scam! It doesn’t matter what your new business proposal is these same people will try to save you even if it’s a brick and mortar business. They don’t know what they’re talking about! Don’t listen!

MLM Prospecting  | Use Rejection as Motivation:

Rejection comes in many forms. It can be cruel words spoken or you can even get laughed at for believing you can break out of the mold to make unlimited income and have time freedom with your own home based business.

What do you do in the face of this kind of rejection? I suggest you use it as motivation.  You can turn it around and use the rejection as motivation to reach your mlm  prospecting success goals. You can show your critics that no matter what they say or think and no matter how much negativity they throw at you, you will attain your mlm prospecting success, you will find a way to do it. They may smirk at you and never show up for the presentations but you can use this as fuel for the motivation to climb up the mountain to mlm prospecting success.

MLM Prospecting | Prepare for Rejection

Rejection happens to all of us. You  don’t have to be a statistic who quits before they even get started because they are initially surrounded by negativity coming from loved ones.

We as business owners and recruiters have a responsibility to teach and train our new business partners before they get shot down by rejection.

Here are some tips to remember and share with them:

  1. Don’t listen to people who don’t know what they are talking about.                                                                          


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  2. Do listen to those who have already attained mlm success and Do know what they are talking about!

Educate those you recruit to not go out with only enthusiasm as their foundation. They must receive some training and coaching before approaching their warm market. Step up and be a leader and mentor to your new recruit.

Your spouse needs to see the complete presentation. Never try to convince them without it.

MLM Prospecting |Don’t approach anyone with your opportunity until you’ve done these 3 steps:

  1. Sign the distributor application.
  2. Made a commitment to your new business. Usually after you’ve made the commitment you’re family and friends will be more supportive.
  3. Been trained professionally. Learn what you need to know in order to be effective.

Remember some of your best warm market prospects will never join you no matter how successful you become. Don’t worry about it! Move on.

Here’s is a great tip about mlm prospecting. If  you get a no today it could be the wrong time for your prospect. Put them on a follow- up list and try again in 6 months. You never know what might change . 

You can only change your attitude not anyone else’s. Work on your self-esteem and confidence level, only then will you be able to lead and become a role model to elevate others.

Stay positive and take daily action!

I’d love to hear some of your stories.

What are some of your most memorable rejections? How did you overcome them or deal with them?

To Your Unique Online Success,

Tonya Stephens


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How Getting More Referrals Is Easier Than You Think

Getting more referrals is a process.

Do you have enough leads? I think it’s a safe bet that you don’t. This is the number one biggest problem network marketers have don’t you know. This blog post will show you how getting more referrals might be easier than you think.

Referrals are a great source for leads but largely overlooked . Could it be “The No” you get while prospecting throws you for a loop and you don’t think to ask for the referral?  I know it stings to get ” No” as a response but try not to let  it disrupt your composure…. The thing to do is train yourself instead is ask for a referral?  You’re missing a great opportunity if you don’t do this! Never fear,experience will help you with this but you must begin and don’t forget to ask.

I recently read a book titled “Endless Referrals” by Bob Burg. As the title implys  Bob Burg is an expert at getting referrals. His book is full of great tips.

Getting more referrals is a process and there are steps to take before asking for the referral and also there are different ways to go about getting the referral.  To get more referrals you must begin by building relationships but that is what network marketing is all about anyway, right? I’m sure right now you have many people on your list who might have said no but could actually give you more leads for your business.

Below is an example of  one of the ways you can use networking events to begin the process of getting more referrals.

You’ve gone to a networking event and you’ve met some great people who could be potential customers or perhaps join your business. What do you do? Do you start the pitch? NO that would be the kiss of death. The best thing to do in this situation is not talk about yourself at all! The key to being remembered is simply to listen and ask questions. Let the other guy do the talking.

Listening is a great asset and it’s a key component to getting more referrals. You make a bigger impression by listening, everyone wants to talk about themselves, resist the urge to dominate the conversation. One of the best bosses  I ever had hardly ever talked, but his skill at listening was world class…you always felt better after talking to him. He would sit there and nod his head at every sentence, you just knew he heard you and understood your problem. What a great guy!

The art of asking questions and keeping the spotlight on your new potential prospect is also a great skill to develop. You should strive for asking questions 99% of the time. Your prospect will remember you in a favorable way and they might not even realize why.

It’s also important to meet people at the networking event who are centers of influence.  You will recognize them by the large group of people constantly surrounding them. People who are centers of influence know many people and are a great resource for referrals, so get to know them and have them get to know you. Make a positive impression by asking questions and listening.

After you’ve left the networking event your work begins for  getting more referrals.

Do this after every networking event.  Send a personalized thank you note to the people you met at the event.

As Bob Burg explains in his book this is Basic Sales Training 101 but hardly anyone does it and that’s why you will stand out from the crowd.

There is a proper way to make this lasting impression as explained below:

#1  Design a note card that measures 8 X3.5″ Put your picture on it (very important) and company logo on the card.

#2 Keep the “Thank You” short and sweet. example  “Hi ____, Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you. If I can ever refer business your way, I certainly will.” Keep your message understated and don’t try to sell anything.

#3 Make sure you mail the card the day of the event/meeting so the recipient gets the note the next day.                                         2012-09-18_09-53-09_358

This card needs to be put into a #10 envelope and hand addressed and hand stamped, reason being if it’s sent as a post card it could be easily tossed into the trash. A hand addressed envelope on the other hand makes it a mystery  which makes it much more likely to be opened and read. You don’t want it to look like junk mail.

I think this is a great idea for getting more referrals  and I have used it in my own business. People definitely will remember you the next time they see you and I have made sales this way.

You might say well I really don’t have time to write everyone I meet while out networking but if you prepare ahead of time you do have the time. You can prepare by taking a stack of the notes and writing the message in mass. When the time comes to send them out all you have to do is add the name and address the envelope.

Keep a stack of notes ready to send.

This is such a simple thing, writing a thank you note but it is this and other things like this that really separates the successful people from those who are not so successful.

I think you can see how these tips can go a long way to set the stage for asking your contacts and prospects for referrals. There are many more in the book!

Are you in business where you need “offline” tips and tricks? If you are let me know what some of your problems are or share the things you have used to make a great impression on your prospects.


To Your Unique Online Success,

Tonya Stephens

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MLM Success | 10 Steps You Can Take Now!

MLM Success: Are you there yet?

Are you dreaming of mlm success but find yourself going in circles?

If you answered yes , you’ve come to the right place.  I’m going to show you  what some of the most successful multilevel marketers have put together as a daily action plan . You can use this plan to fire your boss if you like but first let’s talk about how you can take it one step at a time and not get frustrated. No doubt there’s a lot to learn but don’t be discouraged.

 Simplify the process for mlm success:                                                                              ID-10015171

First make a commitment to your business. Make sure you know your why and make it a strong reason, one that brings tears to your eyes. Yes tears, it must be that strong for mlm success!

Start at the beginning: there are levels of experience you must master. In the beginning you must become good at one thing and fully understand it.  You don’t  jump ahead to being a manager before you are a good worker first. This is a key point for success. Master each rung of the ladder of success. 

 Are you willing to start at the bottom? Are you willing to work hard? Focus and put your energy into this and know it will be worth the effort.

Believe in yourself ! Learn the steps and  take baby steps at first.

 MLM Success |  It’s a process.

You have control over this process by the amount of time and effort you are willing to spend developing the necessary skills.  For some mlm success is faster and for some it is slower.

Some sources say to give it 2 years of devoted effort and some say give it 5 years. You want it now understandable but be willing to wait for success. Have patience with yourself. Keep your efforts consistent and don’t quit! Most of the successful people in mlm did not start out immediately being successful. They worked very hard  for years ,they learned and then put into practice the things they learned for mlm success.

Planning your day is a most critical habit to develop, put things on your calender.

Below are the daily steps  for mlm success and to fire your boss courtesy of My Lead System Pro:  Do these steps every day.

1.Connect with 3-5 Quality Network Marketers (you can do this on Facebook).                                                                                                  mlm success

2. Connect with 3-5 people in your existing network

3. Call your leads

4. Begin your journey to become a master marketer and go get leads.

This means you need to start studying a marketing strategy, learn about it 30 minutes a day and put what you learn immediately into practice while the information is still fresh in your mind.

5.Spend 30 minutes a day plugging into personal development and mindset training. This step is most important!

6. Attend all the live webinars throughout the week

7. Invite your contacts via Face Book and also email to you contacts our industry-wide free Wednesday webinars

8. Meet your new “inner -circle” of like minded entrepreneurs.

9. Review daily your printed-out MLSP beginners marketing guide. You’ll find it in MLSP backoffice. Not a member yet? Click here.

10.  Attend at least one live networking event every other week.


I hope these mlm success tips were helpful.

I would love to hear about your journey with  your  MLM successes. What is your daily action plan?

Remember this:  It’s not an easy journey but it’s worth it.



 To Your Unique Online Success,

Tonya Stephens,


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Benefits of Goal Setting

benefits of goal setting

The Mayan Calender Ended on this day 12-21-12

As you  probably know by now  we survived the end of the Mayan Calendar which some thought would usher in the end of the world.

I along with my family had the privilege and the honor to be present at Chichen Itza  the great Mayan Pyramid  for the last day of their calender. It was a very memorable experience. Lots of people from all over the world showed up to witness the happening.

Thank goodness  nothing happened…..the world didn’t end!

Now we must get back to work and move ahead with our lives and our business. It’s the new year coming up and it’s time to think about creating  some goals and the benefits of goal setting for the first quarter and the rest of the year.

If you’re like me you are excited about what’s next on the agenda. It is with enthusiasm that you should work and develop your  business.

You need goals to keep you on track.  The consequences of not thinking about what you want and where you want to go  might read like this:

You work and work and work  everyday but when you’re finished you find you  have no results and are still in the same place with no progress being made. What a waste of time! I don’t have the luxury of wasting time do you?

I’ve made a list of  benefits of goal setting and what they can do for you and your business.

Take a little time now to determine where you want to go and how to get there. This will help you save time and you will also see results for all the hard work you do.


 5 Benefits of Goal Setting:

1. Serves as a guide in helping you make decisions about what is important for your business and what steps you need in order to reach the goal.

When you are thinking about your goals, think about the benefit you will gain from putting in the hard work and the focus necessary to achieve that goal. Will the benefit match your expectations?

2. Separates real life actions from wishful thinking.

Remember in order to reach the goals you set you must do the work required wishful thinking will not take you there. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Without the guide you can get lost in wishful thinking. This is where you will spin your wheels and get bogged down in busy work without any real results. This is where you waste your time. Wishful thinking can be helpful for the creative process but ultimately you have to set a plan into action.

3. It gives you a path to follow.

There is a  foundation you must build for success. You can’t have a strong business without a strong foundation, athletes , musicians and yes even entrepreneurs have to develop and grow to reach success. Discipline is a part of reaching your goals. We all need to set goals to help us stay on the path and keep us disciplined as we work towards success even if it’s 6 pack abs we are wanting to achieve.

4. Benefits of goal setting  helps you set priorities.

There should be goals for your life and goals for your business. Sometimes these goals will overlap.

We all want happiness and health in our lives but in our business we want to achieve success and a degree of wealth. What is important to you? Determine the order of importance and work on your goals from this perspective. Once you have the list then develop the plan.

5. Makes you responsible for you own successes and failures.                                                                                       goals sign

After you have defined your goals break them down into smaller steps. Really think about the process you need to go through. You can find free tools online to help you do this.  Here’s one I found that’s free and fun to use!

Getting to  your goal is a great feeling and can give  you a great sense of accomplishment that will enhance your self esteem and confidence.

Some helpful tips for getting the maximum benefits of goal setting.

To stay accountable it is a good idea to have an accountability partner. This person should be someone who can become invested in your success. My husband is a great accountability partner. He reminds me from time to time about the business side of what I am doing. He recommended I do spread sheets for my business profits and losses. His background is in business and mine is in medicine so I appreciate the helpful tips he gives me.It’s easy for me to just get into the learning and training and  also the socializing aspect of internet marketing. So having him as an accountability partner helps me stay on track.

It would also be helpful to have someone in the business who knows the challenges you face as an internet marketer. That accountability partner could also serve as a Master Mind Partner. Two heads are better than one and there are a lot of successful partnerships in internet marketing.

I would like to share with you some of my goals for the first quarter of this year.

  •  big goal this year is to start using  more video marketing in the first quarter. I’m taking steps now to  do this.
  • increase traffic here on my blog and I’m learning some ways to do that.
  •  put a welcome video on this blog.
  • develop a better opt in offer for this blog
  •  attend local health fairs and expos offline to gain exposure for my primary MLM business.
  • attend a MLM company regional meeting first quarter

One of my goals this last year was reached today on Facebook. I now have 500 likes on my Fan Page. You can see it here and like it if you would!

Please share with me some of your thoughts and goals for the coming first quarter.

I would really like to hear from you!

P.S. If you liked this blog post and would like more training like this onebenefits of goal setting then click here.



To Your Unique Online Success,

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Magnetic Sponsoring | Do You Suck At MLM?

Magnetic Sponsoring – Do You Suck At MLM?

Ok let’s be honest here. I don’t usually talk like this but for those of you who really do suck at your MLM business I wanted to grab your attention and share this with you. Everybody sucks at first.  I know I did and sometimes still do.

I just finished an incredible book, actually I’ve just re-read it and it’s called  Magnetic Sponsoring and it was written by Mike Dillard. It’s the kind of book you will want to read over and over in order to soak up all the great wisdom.

Mike Dillard is an authority on attraction marketing and  has built a huge brand based on the principle in this book. He is a leader you should listen too.  If you read this book Mike promises, more leads, more cash, and more reps. Read on and learn more about Magnetic Sponsoring it could have a big impact on you and the way you do your business.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Some say it is revolutionary and some say it is evolutionary, it makes you question the way you approach your MLM business.

The first thing you learn from Mike is this, “everyone sucks at first in this business.” The key to making a full time income in your MLM is to become a leader. Now you might want to read that again, yes Mike Dillard says you have to become a leader to make it in this industry. So how do you go from sucking to a leader?  Let’s take a closer look.

According to Magnetic Sponsoring , what makes a person attractive?

It’s a biological trigger due to our evolution. As explained in the book, we by nature like to live in social groups. In the beginning we depended on a strong leader for survival. Someone physically strong with skills such as hunting .This person would be the leader until they were challenged by someone with enough confidence to become a leader themselves.

This is the survival instinct that is part of our make up. In the past people had a hard time surviving alone so groups and families were very important. Every group had a leader and the leader is the Alpha.

According to the book we are wired to find someone either attractive or un-attractive based on the level of value they have to offer. We gain a portion of their power by association.  Example:  celebrity and his entourage.

Magnetic Sponsoring in a nut shell:

1.People have a subconscious attraction to others who are strong leaders. It is the leader’s perceived value that is attractive.

2. If you want to make it big in the MLM industry you must learn how to become a leader and offer your value to those in your group.

The bottom line here is people don’t join a company, people join people. They are looking for a strong leader who can help them become successful and mentor them to become a leader as well.

Not everybody will come into this business with Alpha skills and charisma, then what? If that’s you, you must develop the skills to become a leader.

There are three types of people in life according to Mike Dillard in his book, alpha, pre alpha, and beta. You can also say there are leaders, up and coming leaders, and followers.

Which one are you?

Your state of mind determines a lot of what happens to you in this industry.

The people you recruit are a direct reflection of your personal beliefs about yourself.

If you are not happy with the way your MLM business is growing you need to look inside yourself and decide what needs to change from within.

So what do you do to become a leader?

Be dedicated to learning, find a mentor and put into practice what you learn.

There are many books to learn from and many other resources where you can obtain the training you need to get you there.  This is a  journey with no end except to keep evolving and getting better.

Magnetic Sponsoring can help but be committed to always being a student and never stop learning and improving. That’s what you have to be willing to do. Will you do it?

I suggest you start by reading Magnetic Sponsoring. Read it and understand the theory behind attraction marketing then put the suggestions into practice. You will begin to see a difference in yourself and your business once you understand what it takes to be attractive you can begin to offer value to others.

Be a servant and help people get what they want and by doing so you will begin to get what you want.

Help others, develop  yourself and never give up.


To Your Online Marketing Success,

Tonya Stephens

Attraction Marketing Specialist

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