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Facebook Status Updates

I recently answered a question about the importance of having a Facebook fan page.

I outlined 3 Great Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page as a business person and why you should consider creating your very own fan page

Now that you know the importance of having a Facebook fan page what do you do to engage your new “Fans?”

It is recommended you post  status updates on a regular basis. It has been suggested that status updates be posted at least 3 times a day as a good rule of thumb to promote engagement with your fans.
If you’re like me, you might have a problem doing this on a consistent basis. Even if you do manage to keep up with this schedule Facebook can be a mine field of distractions  as we all know.

To prevent the shiny object syndrome from taking it’s toll and to be more organized in your Facebook marketing you could consider using a Facebook feature that I love, the Facebook status update scheduler. It automates your posts. So even when you are too busy to get over to Facebook 3 times a day you’re still posting automatically. It also gives you a chance to really think about your status updates. I’ve listed an editorial weekly suggested calender of what to post and when. This is only a suggestion but it does help me stay on track with my Facebook fan page.

Some marketers use a third party app such as Hoot Suite but if you don’t want another subscription payment every month and you don’t need all the other added feature of 3rd party apps read on.

I started using this Facebook feature not too long ago. I’ve found it to be a valuable time saver and it is a great solution for getting quality posts to my fans.

I think you will love it too.Watch this video on how  easy it is to schedule a  Facebook status update.

  • Click on your status update box
  • Look in the lower left hand and you will see a tiny clock icon.
  • Write your status update and then click this clock.
  • You will be able to input the year, day , hour and minute. Once you do this you will see schedule instead of post. click it.
  • You will now see an activity log confirming your scheduled post. You can go there to check it if you like or simply OK it.
  • That’s all there is too it! It saves be a ton of time.

Use it a few times and you will see how this feature can save you time.

I love using this feature because I don’t have to worry about getting on  at any given time. I know my fan page status updates are done for me automatically.
This is a great feature to use when you go on vacation as well!

Remember variety, value, consistency and engagement are keys to Facebook fan page success.

I took a course last year on Facebook marketing from “Get 1000 Fans.” They had some great suggestions for what to post for  value driven  content likely to spark engagement from your fans. I received a guide to help with this task.

This guide should be tailored to your unique market and situation.
Always have a call to action in your status updates. Ask your fans to “like , comment, share or click the link.”

  • Monday Morning : Ask a question such as what’s on your agenda for the week ahead.
  • Monday Evening: Share a great blog post. It could be yours or someone else’s as long as it’s value packed.
  • Tuesday Morning: You could create a poll on a hot topic for your niche market
  • Wednesday Morning: Post a video tutorial don’t forget a call to action
  • Wedneday Evening: You could ask another question
  • Thursday Morning: Share a blog post with a picture. Ask you fans to share an experience that reflects the subject of the blog post.
  • Thursday Evening: Post about a product or service of yours.
  • Friday Morning: Post more great content about a hot button subject, it could be an article or blog post.
  • Saturday and Sunday I think should be optional for a business page, how do you feel about that?

Are you using the Facebook status update scheduler on your Facebook home page? How do you like it?

If you aren’t using the Facebook status update scheduler what do you use?

I’d like to hear what other marketers are doing .

Post your comments below.

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Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


 Recession proof your income


I recently saw a question in a network marketing group from a lady who asked “Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page.”

I’ve been online for a while and  I was surprised because I thought everyone knew the answer to that question.  I forget there are plenty of new people entering online marketing everyday and they need Facebook marketing tips and the first place to start is setting up your Facebook fan page. 

 I think about my friend who’s been in business for 30 years but barely ever uses her Facebook profile much less  a fan page. She has never thought about Facebook for marketing.

I think there are many small business and mlm networkers out there who don’t know where to start when it comes to Facebook marketing. That’s a shame don’t you agree? There are some great reasons you need a fan page for your business and I’ve outlined 3 of them for you here.

“Why do you need a Facebook Fan Page?”

1. Facebook is the #2 search engine  in the whole world second only to Google

If you want to be found online Facebook is a good place to start. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free and easy  to sign up for Facebook and then create your Facebook fan page. Facebook fan page design is a snap.

Follow this 3 step process to see how easy it is to set up your Facebook fan page marketing.

If you put in some effort you will be seen by thousands of people on Facebook for free! Set up your Facebook fan page  and start telling people about it.

You can invite your email contacts. I don’t really advise inviting friends because one reason you’re doing a fan page is to keep personal and business separate but it is OK to invite other business contacts.
If you’re in  groups on Facebook you can connect with the members and let them know about your fan page. A lot of groups actually have a Fan Page document where you can list your page and the members are asked to like and reciprocate everyone’s pages.
One good tip is to like other pages with and make comments . You can then connect with other like minded people and invite them to like your page.

Facebook pages look similar to a personal page but there are some unique differences.

Facebook fan page tools offer ways you can connect with your target audience “fans.”
Important insights are provided on Facebook fan pages that helps you understand how your fans are interacting with your page. The insights also tell you a lot about who your fans (target market) are.

2. Build a community
On your personal page there is a 5000 friend limit. On a fan page there is no limit so grow it a big as you like. You can also upload unlimited photos and videos.

A Facebook fan page is a great way to connect with your niche market.

Your status updates will appear in their news feed and they can like, comment and share your updates.
You goal is to engage with the community you’re building on Facebook.
Remember the advantage to growing a large fan base is that you can promote to your fans and their friends. Once you get up to 400 or 500 fans your reach will grow exponentially to include your fans friends.  Check out this photo of my fan page, you can see the Friends of Fans is a very large number. This is your potential reach, well worth the effort to build your fan base.                                                                                                  Facebook fan page
You can also promote events related to your business and run contests using your custom Facebook fan page.
A fan page can also be used as another funnel to your blog or website.

3. A Facebook fan page is a massive opportunity to promote whatever you’re selling.

Advertising with a pay per click campaign on Facebook is optional but it is a fast way to build a fan base. Pay per click is a discussion for another blog post.
There are now several other ways to advertise and it’s easier than ever before to get your message in front of your target market. Page posts and sponsored stories are two of the ways you can advertise very easily.
A new option introduced last week is the promoted page option. It’s the easy way to get new likes to your page.
Facebook has added a new feature on your page under your profile picture. You have the option of picking your budget to create a promote page ad. After you choose the budget you can then choose your audience from a drop down menu in the preview ad. This creates an ad that will show in the target audiences timeline news feed. There’s a  link that makes it easy for people to simply click it to  like your page.

There are other reasons for a fan page but those are the main reasons I can think of right now.

How about you? Do you have a fan page for your business? Do you think it’s worth the effort to maintain a fan page?

What benefits have you received from your fan page?

I love to hear what you have to say about “Why you need a Facebook fan page”

Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


 Recession proof your income


Visalus : My Husband Paid For My Enrollment!

I am so excited to announce that I just became a Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Promoter. It’s not because I took my own advice and researched the company to make the most informed decision, not at all, it’s because my husband saw the company and the product and insisted this is what I should be doing. He even paid for the enrollment. He was on the call to my upline and asked lots of questions and wrote down the answers on a legal pad.


Visalus , Become a Distributor

He felt so strongly about this particular product because he watches the news every night and the national news channel had a week long series on the obesity epidemic in the USA. He talked to me for a few weeks about making this change but I was reluctant because I was settled into my primary of 6 months, albeit not really burning it up.

An offer I couldn’t refuse I joined Visalus:

Once I was on board I began to dive into the company, the products, the comp plan and the founders. Wow! is all I can say. I am blown away by this company and the people in it! Read on for more reasons I now know this is the very best decision for me even though  my husband lead me..kicking and screaming I might add!

Here are some of the reasons you should decide to join this dynamic company.

  • 1. Obesity is an epidemic in this country.

My last career was in health care, specifically in cardiovascular ultrasound.  I worked along side Cardiologists  and saw first hand the health issues associated with “The American Diet”. I heard the Cardiologist telling the majority of his patients to lose weight and start walking. I suffered too because my patients were getting bigger and bigger! Wow, I injured my scanning arm because the majority of my patients were obese. Disease is growing in this country specifically heart disease and diabetes because of the poor choices we make in our diets

  • 2. Visalus has the solution to the #1 problem!

They started as a vitamin company in 2005. They were experiencing slow but steady growth until 2008 when the economy crashed. Visalus was affected by the down economy just like everyone else. It was at this time that they partnered with Blyth Pharmaceutical Company. The leaders of the company got together and brain stormed about ideas to turn the company around. They hit on the idea of “The Challenge” in 2009 to help people lose weight. They fine tuned the challenge and made it a 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge…something everyone could do. They developed a great product in the Vi- Shape nutritional meal replacement.

  • 3. Visalus is on a meteroric rise!

Since introducing the Vi-Shape nutritional protein meal replacement in 2009 they have taken off in growth. The company is lead by it’s founders who are generation Xers, Ryan Blair,Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola, . They understand the power of social media and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is going viral on Facebook and Twitter. The company is experiencing phenomenal growth. They are set to do $1 Billon in sales in 2012. They are hitting this mark in the North American Market. There are only 11 companies who have made it to the Billion $$ stratosphere, giants like Amway and Mary Kay to name a few. The company has won many awards including the Direct Selling News Bravo Turnaround Award in 2010. They are a member of the BBB and the DSA.

  • 4. Visalus has all the right pieces at just the right time.

The company has the vision to do great things! They have all the right marketing tools in place and they have the right product to help countless numbers of people live life to the fullest. They also have a great “Feed the Children” program where anyone can donate $24 dollar to provide the nutritious protein drink to hungry children and the company matches this donation.

  • 5. My own health and monetary goals.

I have my health reasons for getting fit and loosing weight. It is doctor ordered. I also found the compensation plan very generous and it is not a binary which I think is a plus. YOU GET PAID FOR WHAT YOU DO! If you work you get paid. The company offers lots of incentives as well. The Visalus Bimmer Club is a big incentive for many. Visalus has one of the lowest qualifying amounts for the car allowance. It’s a $600 allowance for you to own or lease a BMW. This is a great incentive for so many. They already have over 6,000 Promoters driving BMW.

So I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my new opportunity. I would love to talk to you more about joining in on the fun and excitement that is Visalus click here to learn more, not to mention the fantastic products and the incredible Vi-Shape…the Shake that taste like Cake Mix!

Below is a video I shot when I received my Promoter Kit! Check out all the great products that came with it! Several of these products were a wonderful surprise! Visalus is definitely more than a milkshake!

If you enjoyed this post please a comment and share it with others.

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PS: Does your up line have a proven step by step road map for success?

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Network Marketing: Levels of Success

This is a multi part report.  In this section we will look at Level 1 and the beginning of Level 2

What can you expect when you decide to start your own Network Marketing business?

There are several different and distinct levels to your growth in Network Marketing.

Out of 100 people coming into a network marketing business 3% will have the background and the skills necessary to succeed with or without you the sponsor. They may appear to be overnight successes but in reality they have spent probably 20 years preparing for this type of business in their prior careers.

27 of this group have the desire but lack any real experience in this new endeavor.

The other 70 start with a bang but what they are really looking for is a get rich quick scheme and are horrified when they find out there is a lot of hard work required in setting up their business and making it successful.

The First Level of Success:

The beginning of your Network Marketing business requires  effort and will be 90% “Push Marketing” ,a lot of this marketing will be to your family and friends. The majority of us start here.

At this level of success  you are doing it all, making ads, calling people, your main goal at this level is to become a master recruiter and develop massive persuasion skills…you cannot hide behind a computer, it is an absolute necessity to connect with people. You must become comfortable with people and find out what  their wants, needs and goals are.

Becoming a master recruiter takes a lot of focus and time. Practice, Drill, Rehearse, record yourself. The more you do this the better you will be. Learn what to say and how to say it! Use a script initially. Ask questions, remember he who asks questions controls the conversation and you definitely want to stay in control of the converstation!

Spend some time each day in personal development, learn how to become a leader, emerse yourself in this. Read, read, and read some more. Great books to read are Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Remember you must get over your own ” head stuff” that might be holding you back from becoming the successful person you want to be. It is a process! Put as much good stuff into your head as you can stuff in there.

At this level of success you are probably a part timer. You should be sponsoring 1 to 2 people a week.  You will need to schedule your time to build your business. You always schedule those things that are important to you and your business should be at the top of the list.

Remember to put the work back into “Work from Home”

Get over your fear of the telephone, send out emails, keep making those connections, participate in forums, keep people in your sponsoring pipe line.

The Second Level of Success

Level 2 business builders have 50% push and 50% pull meaning now you have some leads coming directily to you through your efforts at attraction marketing and you are building credibility. You  are being seen on the internet and other areas.

You have been working hard for a while now and you have about 24 business builders in you team of 100.

Keep calling your leads this is critical and after someone has seen your presentation follow up! Don’t hide behind your computer here either. Remember the real money is working with people.

To be continued!

MLM: Getting Over The Fear Of Starting Your Business

MLM don’t beat yourself up over it.

Ok so you signed on the dotted line plunked down your money and registered for autoship. You’re so excited that you’re in business!  Yea! Now what? Tips Starting Small Business? Business Plans for Start UPS

You have just made one of the most exciting decisions of your life but at the same time you’re scared to death because you have no idea what to do next. You need Business Plan Assistance!

Does this sound like you?  If so read on. Here’s what you have to do….get over the fear! But how? It all boils down to training, practice and repetition.

MLM Business 

Want to Start Own Business? Let’s compare this to your day job. It  fits you like a well worn glove. You don’t even have to use your brain any more. You know what to do and how to do it. Why is this? It’s because you were trained and had many years of repetition and practice using the skills you were trained to use. This gives you a level of confidence. You no longer have the stress of learning something brand new. The major source of  stress for you now is the long commute, the long hours, your boss and snippy co workers . These are the same reasons you chose to find a way out and to get your life back!

So you’ve signed up to start a home based business  in MLM…congratulations!

Celebrate your courage to try something new, you can do this .

You need to become a vacuum cleaner. Suck up any and all how to books, MLM business books, CD’s ,DVD’s ,conference calls and conferences because your learning curve is steep and you don’t want to waste a lot of time.

You really want to see results and see them now! Translation…make some money.


Friend let me tell you steps to starting your business I have been there. Starting Your Business Checklist I have done and am doing all of the above. You see your learning and training is just beginning and will never really end. You must commit yourself to this fact!

The only difference between the MLM Guru’s and the MLM newbie is the level of self education and time in the field which equals experience. The only thing that stands between you and your dreams is just that…experience and education sprinkled with a dose of determination and focus. Don’t beat yourself up! We all go through the same thing. The hard part is to start!

If you want to feel confident in your new MLM Business, just like you felt in your previous day job then you know you must educate yourself and practice the principles and strategies you are learning…dedicate yourself to being prepared and you will be successful. Business Startup Checklist Planning Guide could be invaluable for you.

Here are some things to remember:

1.You must arm yourself with the right tools.

Books, Webinars, CD, DVD, Training, Company Training and even go outside the company especially if you want to learn internet marketing.

2. Find a mentor and emulate him/her. If you truly want to be something in the world you need to find someone who has already made it there.

3. Attend conferences where you can network and meet the “Guru’s” this could also lead to joint ventures in the future.

4. Get out of your comfort zone… go out there and talk to people…Pick up the telephone…..anybody can have a day job. What you have is a business .The more you stretch your scope of experience and education the more you grow ,the more you grow the more you will attract the kind of success you desire.

5. It’s a process. Don’t be hard on yourself. You must remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself time to explore and learn and practice what you learn. You will fall down but get right back up because you know deep down in your heart you can do this!!! You have everything you need within yourself to be successful.

Make your BIG mistakes early so you can start making money.

I hope this spoke to some of you . If it did please leave a comment below! Thank you and Bless you.

Shiny New Blog!

Hi there world!

Tonya Stephens Blog was born today! It is the first day of my ramblings!

I hope you like my ramblings and find some value here in what I have to share with you because this is my purpose.

I want to thank  Kim Tarr for her hard work on helping me put this blog together. Thank you Kim!

Now we will be getting down to work.

But before this happens let me explain a few things:

My job is to furnish you with outstanding information you can use in building your business.

The subjects may range from mind set, to prospecting, to interviewing, creative ways to find leads and so on.

I will do my best to find this information and pass it along to you.

Your job is  to check in periodically and use this information. Deal?……dea

I am really looking forward to many years with you guys as we all grow together and become successful in this world of opportunity.

Hello world!

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