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As an internet marketer your goal is to get exposure. The more exposure you get  the  better  your chance of finding and building an audience.

There are many ways to get noticed but one of the best ways is Facebook.

Facebook recently went through some significant changes. We as internet marketers need to understand these changes and stay current with the trends especially on Facebook. This blog post explains some of the changes and ways we can use these changes to help us gain our share of exposure we all need as internet marketers.

One of the most significant  changes is Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm .  I will explain how Facebook is using this new formula to rank your Fan Page and how by understanding it better you can improve your Fan Page Ranking.

There are 3 parts to the Edge Rank formula: Affinity, Weight and Time Decay

 Edge Rank:Affinity                                                                                                                                   edge rank

A measure of the amount of previous interaction a user has had with another on Facebook. This equals to more likes, shares and clicks. If someone is constantly liking sharing and clicking your posts, then your posts will show up more and more in that person’s news feed.

Edge Rank Weight: “Good Marketing”

A measure of the amount of activity on a post, picture, or other object in the newsfeed. This means the more a post is liked, shared and commented on will have a heavier weight than a post that has no activity. What gets your audience engaged? This is what you are going for. Likes, shares and comments win in Facebook

Edge Rank :Time Decay

The inversely proportional relationship between the time an object has been public and its exposure in the news feed. You initially get lots of exposure and over time it decreases. You always want to shoot for lots of engagement to delay time decay. Keep your content fresh!

My recommendation is to post once or twice a day, three times at the most to keep fresh relevant content. Take a few minutes a day to post to your Fan Page. If you want to automate you posts then it’s easy to do. That way if you’re not available for posting it’s done for you. Watch the video below to learn how to automate your posts. This will guarantee a constant steam of fresh content for your followers to engage with.

Watch now

YouTube Preview Image

How can you improve your Edge Rank? Here are 4 Easy Tips to follow.

1. Encourage interaction: One easy way is to ask questions, think about all the elements in the Edge Rank. If you keep people engaged in your posts this will help affinity,

2. Use pictures and links: People love pictures and having a hyperlink available makes it easy for people to interact.

3. Commenting: If someone takes the time to comment on your post then you should always comment back to each user individually.

4. Post Consistently: at least once a day everyday.


I hope this blog post was helpful for you. Please feel free to share this information with your friends. You might also like this blog post  here

If you would like to check your Facebook Fan Page Edge Rank score click the link click here

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