I recently saw a question in a network marketing group from a lady who asked “Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page.”

I’ve been online for a while and  I was surprised because I thought everyone knew the answer to that question.  I forget there are plenty of new people entering online marketing everyday and they need Facebook marketing tips and the first place to start is setting up your Facebook fan page

 I think about my friend who’s been in business for 30 years but barely ever uses her Facebook profile much less  a fan page. She has never thought about Facebook for marketing.

I think there are many small business and mlm networkers out there who don’t know where to start when it comes to Facebook marketing. That’s a shame don’t you agree? There are some great reasons you need a fan page for your business and I’ve outlined 3 of them for you here.

“Why do you need a Facebook Fan Page?”

1. Facebook is the #2 search engine  in the whole world second only to Google

If you want to be found online Facebook is a good place to start. It doesn’t hurt that it’s free and easy  to sign up for Facebook and then create your Facebook fan page. Facebook fan page design is a snap.

Follow this 3 step process to see how easy it is to set up your Facebook fan page marketing.

If you put in some effort you will be seen by thousands of people on Facebook for free! Set up your Facebook fan page  and start telling people about it.

You can invite your email contacts. I don’t really advise inviting friends because one reason you’re doing a fan page is to keep personal and business separate but it is OK to invite other business contacts.
If you’re in  groups on Facebook you can connect with the members and let them know about your fan page. A lot of groups actually have a Fan Page document where you can list your page and the members are asked to like and reciprocate everyone’s pages.
One good tip is to like other pages with and make comments . You can then connect with other like minded people and invite them to like your page.

Facebook pages look similar to a personal page but there are some unique differences.

Facebook fan page tools offer ways you can connect with your target audience “fans.”
Important insights are provided on Facebook fan pages that helps you understand how your fans are interacting with your page. The insights also tell you a lot about who your fans (target market) are.

2. Build a community
On your personal page there is a 5000 friend limit. On a fan page there is no limit so grow it a big as you like. You can also upload unlimited photos and videos.

A Facebook fan page is a great way to connect with your niche market.

Your status updates will appear in their news feed and they can like, comment and share your updates.
You goal is to engage with the community you’re building on Facebook.
Remember the advantage to growing a large fan base is that you can promote to your fans and their friends. Once you get up to 400 or 500 fans your reach will grow exponentially to include your fans friends.  Check out this photo of my fan page, you can see the Friends of Fans is a very large number. This is your potential reach, well worth the effort to build your fan base.                                                                                                  Facebook fan page
You can also promote events related to your business and run contests using your custom Facebook fan page.
A fan page can also be used as another funnel to your blog or website.

3. A Facebook fan page is a massive opportunity to promote whatever you’re selling.

Advertising with a pay per click campaign on Facebook is optional but it is a fast way to build a fan base. Pay per click is a discussion for another blog post.
There are now several other ways to advertise and it’s easier than ever before to get your message in front of your target market. Page posts and sponsored stories are two of the ways you can advertise very easily.
A new option introduced last week is the promoted page option. It’s the easy way to get new likes to your page.
Facebook has added a new feature on your page under your profile picture. You have the option of picking your budget to create a promote page ad. After you choose the budget you can then choose your audience from a drop down menu in the preview ad. This creates an ad that will show in the target audiences timeline news feed. There’s a  link that makes it easy for people to simply click it to  like your page.

There are other reasons for a fan page but those are the main reasons I can think of right now.

How about you? Do you have a fan page for your business? Do you think it’s worth the effort to maintain a fan page?

What benefits have you received from your fan page?

I love to hear what you have to say about “Why you need a Facebook fan page”

Facebook  and let’s talk about network marketing success!


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