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Facebook is a huge part of our marketing world because it’s the largest social platform available to us.
One thing is certain about marketing on Facebook, there will be continual changes coming down the road. We as marketers are continually challenged to learn more new Facebook marketing strategies and find innovative ways to use them.
Next Up…..The Hashtag.

What are Facebook hashtags ?

This is a feature Twitter perfected and has been using for a long time. It’s purpose is to have real time conversations on trending keyword topics. It can also make a subject go viral.
Hashtags give you the opportunity to find other people using the same word or phrase. Simply use the # in your status update. The # along with the keyword  or keywords ( no spaces) is a clickable hyperlink made from the word or phrase you used. You can also use the search bar by entering the hashtag keyword. The hashtag icon will appear at the top of the page, click here to find unlimited status updates using the same hashtag keyword.

Once you see the blue hyperlink you can click on it to connect with other people talking about the same subject.This makes it easier to initiate engagement with people interested in the same things as you. You can now talk about the things you want to talk about and find plenty of people talking about the same thing.

Here are some Marketing via Facebook ideas using the new #hashtag feature.

  • Share your content using the #hashtag. Simply post a status update with the link to your blog post or video url along with the #keywords associated with your content. By sharing your content in this way you can find a wider audience on Facebook.
  • Connect with new people. You can use the hashtag with a keyword or phrase that is related to your niche. You can then find people talking about that subject or they can find you. In this way it makes it easier to connect with new people.
  • Create an event and use the #hashtag to help promote your event to a broader market.
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page using the #keyword and ask people interested in your keyword to join you for a more selective  group discussion .

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use  Facebook hashtags

What are the advantages of using the hashtag feature?
People will see what you posted even if they’re not on Facebook at the time you posted it.
Viewers can find specific information simply by using the hashtag.
People not following you can also find your status update because your keyword targets their interests. This also works in reverse since you can find people interested in your niche more easily.
You can join in on conversations and even answer questions on a specific subject.

Future plans for Facebook fan page marketing  using hashtags.
Facebook wants to tap into “real time advertising.” this will be coming in the future so be looking for more Facebook business marketing tips.
The hastags will be used to get your ad to the people talking about your subject. Amazingly it has been reported that there are between 88 to 100 million users on Facebook every night during “Primetime” This is huge!

What do you think about the new Facebook hashtag feature? Have you used it since they rolled it out? Do you have any suggestions you care to share about using it for marketing strategies?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new Facebook hashtag feature.

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