Fan Page Status Updates seem simple enough but there are a few things you should consider in order to maximize your efforts.

If you are a network marketer you’ve probably thought about using a Facebook Fan Page to promote your business or perhaps you already use a Facebook Fan Page to promote your business. In either case it’s a great tool to use. It gets you exposure, let’s you share content and  engage with your audience.

This blog post will explain how you can use fan page status updates in the most effective way so let’s get started.                                                       

If you’ve been procrastinating  setting up your Fan Page because you don’t know how, never fear. I have provided a short video here to help you.  It’s really easy to do and I suggest you get on this task right away.

Once you have it set up you will want to add fans and then it’s your duty to consistently post great content with fan page status updates.

You want to post engaging content with your fan page status updates  that is of interest to your audience. You want to post things that will provoke a response so you can engage with your audience. In this way you will get to know them and they will get to know you. Attraction marketing is all about engagement and getting to know your audience and having them get to know you. Facebook can be a great venue for this type of interaction. Fan page status updates  are important because they give us a way to start the engagement.

What are some of the things you will want to post in your fan page status updates?

Very simply you can use text, pictures  and videos.These are some of the best ways to get exposure because they show up so well in the news feed. Pictures especially BIG pictures grab your audiences attention and they are more likely to click something that grabs their attention and also to  share it which is what you want. The more likes, comments and shares you get on your post the better. These likes, comments and shares directly affect your Edge Rank.

Videos can work as well if the cover picture and the text your use to describe the video is interesting or engaging. Another great way to get your audiences attention is with questions! By asking the right questions you gain more exposure and more shares. The key to asking the right questions is to understand your audience. What do they want? What do they want to improve? What are they interested in?

If you can start a dialog with your audience through questions you can begin to build a community through your fan page status updates.

Next is Polls. Polls  are another great way to start a dialog and engage with your audience. They are also found in the status update area and are very easy to set up. I have found that you cannot schedule a Poll  as a status update so be prepared to go real time with your poll.

Milestones: post a milestone that people care about. Make them relevant and give details about why you’re posting a Milestone.

Here are things you might like to know.

The best  fan page status updates should be short and sweet, not unlike a Tweet.

Keep your status updates to below 200 characters. Make sure your pictures are eye catching and relevant to the post. You can find images on Google images but make sure they do not have a copy write.  If you post a hyperlink keep it to only one hyperlink, don’t confuse your audience with multiple links! This is a no no. If you confuse your audience they will do nothing, so you’re wasting your time. If you use the @Tag the same apply s. No more than one @ Tag per post.

I usually post in the morning and then again in the evening. I have read that 8AM is a good time and then again from 6-9PM. It might be a good idea to check your insights to see exactly where your audience lives and post for their time zone.

Some things to remember as you nurture you Fan Page for maximum growth:

Don’t post all day long, you will become annoying to your audience and they will simply Un Like you.

Try to keep your content fresh in your fan page status updates.

Believe  it or not the real purpose of status updates for a Fan page  is to get users to like comment or share your post. It is not meant to sell things!

Why do want your audience to like, share or comment on your Fan Page post because things that show up inside your fans news feed are things that get the attention, remember Edge Rank.  The more likes comments and shares  you get the more exposure for your Fan Page.


Know your audience: post about something that will interest them.

Have a single call to action

Don’t forget to use a big picture, this is most important in fan page status updates!

Ask a single question.

Post during peak hours 8 AM or 6-9 PM make sure you know the time zone your audience lives in.

Become an expert in what you are offering.

Think about the  big issues your audience has, their wants and needs and develop some of your posts around these issues.

What do they want to know about?

What do they share with their friends.

Be of real value to your audience.

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