How to write a great Headline              how to write a great headling

In my last blog post I outlined the H-PITA Formula for creating highly convertible content. I had  lots of comments on this subject and especially related to the H  as you know  stands for headline.

The Headline is one of “The Most” important elements of your blog post.

I would like to share some of the  comments  I received.

Sue Neal

“I usually spend quite a while trying to get my headline right and write this first-I use it as the focus of the article.”

Dan Sumner

” I personally think the headline says a lot especially when you tweet it or email to your readers. An interesting headline gets way more opens!”

Bonnie Gean   bonniegean .com

“Interestingly enough I sometimes create the headline AFTER the rest has been written. It works better for me that way.”

BG Jenkins

” I agree that the headline needs to be something enticing to get that click. I appreciate the comments from your visitors to add to the info.”

Ginny Carter

“I think what people often forget is that a headline should offer or imply some benefit to the reader- entice them into thinking what’s in it for me”.


Although I chose only a few comments to share I do appreciate all of the comments.

It was interesting to see that everyone agrees on the importance of the headline. It was also interesting to read that some of you use the headline for the content creation and some of you create the content and then think about the headline. I am of the latter persuasion. I tend to create the content first and then the headline.

So here’s the BIG CHALLENGE.

We are competing for attention on the internet. If we get enough attention then we also get traffic.  Without traffic we are wasting our valuable time and we will not be getting content into the hands of the audience we are trying to reach.

You can create dynamic content and even rank on the first page of Google but if your Headline doesn’t stir curiosity or emotion and entice your reader to click then what’s the point? Our ultimate goal is to get the click…agree?

I certainly have struggled with this problem as I’m sure many of you have.

When I started blogging I was clueless about everything related to blogging. I just jumped in feet first. I was told I needed a blog to promote my business and I  definitely agreed. It is an essential part of  marketing online.

I think initially I had some pretty boring headlines and even pretty boring blog posts. Of course I still struggle with this issue. One thing you don’t want to be online is BORING!  It’s worth the time and effort to discover some things that may help you become less boring.  The process is  all about learning your craft and developing the skills you need for success.

One of the awesome resources I ran across recently was a report written by Jon Morrow , he is an assistant editor over at  Copy Blogger and has several of his own blogs . Jon Morrow has an amazing life story you can read about   here. He is a  an online coach and all around great copywriter.

The name of the report is  52 Headline Hacks   A “Cheat Sheet” for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral.  I have downloaded a lot of information about writing great headlines but this is by far the best i’ve found. It’s now the only source I use to help me create my headlines.

Jon Morrow tells a story of an English professor  he once had who said this” The best writers are the best thieves,” he goes on to explain that most of the enticing headlines you see today are really more than 50 years old. They are merely changed and modernized for “Today’s Market” but the basic format is the same.

Here are a few categories that you can expect to find in the report.

There are threat headlines: What keeps your readers up at night?

1. How Safe is Your [Blank]

2. The Shocking Truth About [blank]

Zen Headlines

1. Can’t keep up? 11 Ways to Simplify

2. How to take charge of your [unruly problem]

Mistake Headlines- Irresistible Teasers From the Masters

1. [blank] Mistakes that make you [look/sound] like a [blank]

2. 11 [blank] mistakes you don’t know you’re making

These are only a few of the selection and he recommends that you use one a week since there are 52 headlines you can chose one every week for the whole year. I hope you take the time to look at this report I think it’s great!

This is a quick way to increase attention to your blog posts and after all that is our main challenge online. We as bloggers want and need our share of attention!

I’d love to hear some examples of eye popping headlines you may have run across. Feel free to share them here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to write a better headline and I would like to hear more about your processes for writing clickable and enticing headlines.

You can get the free report here so click now!


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