Go For No!

Go for No!

Go for No! Book Review

Authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

How do you feel about getting No for an answer to your opportunity or product?

Most of us feel rejection like a slap in the face but did you know in order to succeed as an entrepreneur you have to learn to overcome those rejection blues.The key to your survival and ultimate success is learning how to deal with rejection.

 The book “Go for No” tells the story of a man who has a chance to meet his other more successful self in the future.

As they begin to talk about how the “other self” became successful it becomes clear that the difference was the “other self’s” willingness to take No for an answer and to do it over and over again until he got the Yes he was waiting for. Perseverance even in adversity is one of the most important Keys to Success as an entrepreneur.

The premise of the book is to realign your thinking. Learn to “like” getting No as a response to whatever it is you are promoting. Become numb to No because the more No’s you get the closer you are to Yes.

Go for No!  points out that failing and becoming a failure are two different things?

Successful people fail often but failures avoid failing. Why? People who avoid failing are also avoiding trying. You can develop a different mindset to failure. The more you fail the closer you are to succeeding. The book instructs us to take up these mantras “I like to fail”, “I fail big and I fail often,” This is a subtle change in you mindset but a very significant change.

There are 5 Failure Levels: Which level are you in.

1. Ability to Fail

100% of the people on Earth have the ability to fail…this is where we all start

2. Willingness to Fail

This means you come to accept failure as a natural byproduct of the process of seeking success. Fewer than 20% make it to this level.

3. Wantingness to Fail

This level goes beyond just tolerance or acceptance of failure. It means developing the desire to fail with the inner faith that personal and financial growth will follow, less than 5% get to this level

4. Failing BIGGER and FASTER!

These people have come to the conclusion that if failing is good then failing bigger and faster is better. Go after BIG goals at this level and make it worth the effort.

5. Failing Exponentially

This is for rare individuals who understand that massive success requires multiplication of effort. These people enlist others to fail with them knowing that individual failure could mean success then group failure can mean group success.

Go for No: Keys to success:

In the world of sales most people have to hear your pitch at least 5 times….so follow up and be persistent.

No, doesn’t’ mean forever but 92% of people will give up before they ask for the 5th time.

Go for BIG. It’s just as easy to hear No from a successful person or big operation as it is to hear no from the average person, so go for the big enchilada. What have you got to lose? No is No but at least you’ve made contact and can do so again.

Getting NO is better than “I’ll think about it” the reason being that at least with No you can ask the question “Why?” When you get the answer to why they said No then you can use that information when you present the opportunity again at a later date.

Celebrate you successes and your failures!

Do something everyday that scares you!


go for no


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