How To Write A Great Blog Post

how to write a great blog post

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If you’re like me you  will understand how difficult it is to come up with great content for your blog. In fact sometimes it seems impossible but with a little persistence and know how it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this blog post I would like to share  some information I came across while I was watching a tutorial for software I use in my video marketing. Finding information about blog content while studying video marketing may sound strange but even with video marketing you still need an article to explain what’s in your video. The content also needs to be optimized for the search engines. We as marketers cannot get away from the fact that we need great written content.

I’m always looking for really good information on how to improve my blog and create better blog posts so this was an exciting find.

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Here are the 5 Key Elements for how to write a great blog post  and it’s easy to remember.

The H-PITA Formula.


H stands for Headline

 How to write a great blog post  always begins when you create a compelling headline.

Your goal is to make it compelling enough so that people will click it.

Even if you’re on the first page of  Google ,if your headline doesn’t entice readers then no one’s going to click to read your great content.

I  once  heard that there really are no new headline and that the best writers are the best thieves. I’m not calling anyone here a thief and  I’m also  not saying to blatantly steal simply to watch what’s working and take note! Every headline has already been used. Most headlines were in use 50 years ago and we still use the format today. The best we can do is to follow them  and personalize the headline to make it our own.

I use a notebook where I gather healine how tos and I’ve collected all kinds of headlines. I go to this notebook for inspiration and direction.

Here are some of the headline categories I use: I also included some of the examples from recent blog posts.

Threat Headlines:        How Safe Is Your Twinkie

How To Headlines:      How To Drive Traffic To Your Website/ Using Key Word Research

List Headlines:             MLM Forums 5 Things To Know Before Joining

Mistake Headlines:    7 ( Blank) Mistakes That Make Everyone Look Stupid ( don’t have one of these yet…note to self)

P stands for Problem

You can build rapport with your reader by stating the problem. When someone goes to Google or one of the other search engines and types in a key word , they are usually looking for specific information and or  a solution to a problem. When they find your content  it lets the person know that you understand their struggle and it builds rapport. They have found you  and your great content is a solution to their problem.

I stands for Irritate:

Use examples and  illustrations to bring the problem to  life.  Tell a story about how you struggled with  the problem and how it affected you or your business.

Just like in this blog post I told you  a story about how I struggle with this  problem of how to write a great blog post and I also shared that I think I found some great information to help solve this problem.

T stands for Take Away

At this point you want to give value but you don’t want to give away the whole enchilada.

Give  your reader some helpful tips and  some insider information but don’t give away all your knowledge on the subject. Your reader should get useful value from your content but they should also have a reason to come back for more.

A stands for Call to Action:

Ask for the sale. The number one reason people don’t get the sell is they don’t ask for it. If you are interested in selling your reader some helpful product or maybe you just want them to follow you on Twitter or Face Book you can’t assume that they will know what to do next. You must be clear and ask them to click the link! Many bloggers forget to do this and they really miss out on building their list or making the sale.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you today and I would really like to know about your process for coming  up with  ideas for blog posts and especially if you have a format or system you use to create your content. Please share your comments below and if you’re not on my Facebook Fan Page click the link below.  ( :


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