The Perfect Blog Post, does it really exist or is it the Chupacabra of the internet?the perfect blog post

Never heard of the Chupacabra? It could be a myth or a legend.  It is said to strike in the middle of the night and loves blood? Some call the Chupacabra Puerto Rico’s version of the Yeti!  It is infamous, not too unlike our subject of the day,

“The Perfect Blog Post!” How can you write it?

Have you ever wondered what makes a blog post popular and readable? If you’re a blogger then I know those thoughts have crossed your mind at least once or twice. Of course there are  some things we are trying to accomplish with every blog post: readability, share ability and a little likability, right.  Study the diagram below, commit it to memory, put it into practice and find the perfect key word and you will have the beginnings of the perfect blog post.

This diagram came from Social Triggers site and they were so kind as to let everyone share this with their blogging friends looking to learn as much as possible about blogging and how to construct the perfect blog post.
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 The most important feature of the perfect blog post.

#1. The headline ,If you can’t get them to stop and read your headline they are gone.  There are many interesting blogs out there and the next attention grabbing headline is just around the corner. Grab their attention now cause they may not be back anytime soon.

#2. Make your opening  interesting enough to get your audience to read the first few sentences.

#3. Use a half width image to make the first few lines shorter. This helps to increase interest and a desire to read more.

#4. Sub-head. make a promise and give them a benefit for reading on.

#5. Trigger an emotion. Emotions help us focus and this will make them pay attention.

#6. Encourage  them to quote you by having a Tweet button available. Remember people quote authorities

#7. Big Promise here give your audience the step by step and the how to.

#8. Give good advice, you know the kind you’d like to get. Something that will help you do something better with tips you need to know. Useful content is more viral than any other kind.

There you have it. Tried and true diagram of how to write the perfect blog post. I will be using this diagram for future posting, how bout you?

I hope this blog post was helpful for you!  Please comment, share and tweet it with your friends.

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