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As I sit here reflecting on the past year and the reasons that first attracted me to internet marketing for my MLM business , I break out in a big smile.

I can say with some certainty that I have made definite progress. I’d like to take some time here to tell you about my journey so far.I haven’t traveled  alone, I subscribe to an educational platform called My Lead System Pro. It has been through this system that I’ve learned and developed internet marketing skills and continue to learn daily. I am grateful for finding this system. I also want you to know about the warm and welcoming community of other online marketers who are willing to share what works for them.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far:

1.Internet Marketing on Face book:

I’ve learned that spamming your friends is not the way to go on Face book. I learned how to build a fan page for my internet marketing business and also for my primary MLM business. I learned how to put together an effective Pay Per Click Ad Campaign to drive traffic to my fan page and  lead capture pages and also  built an audience for my fan pages. Through this pay per click campaign I generated leads for my internet marketing business and also generated interest in my primary business and began building my list.

2. Building a List using Internet Marketing:

Effective marketing is all about building and maintaining a list .The whole point of advertising and driving traffic is to identify those people interested in what you have to offer. In the last year I began building this list and I also learned how to use an autoresponded   I use the autoresponder to stay in contact with my list and also to send out broadcast messages for upcoming training , webinars, my blog posts and special announcements.

3.  Internet Marketing Blog:

Here’s one of the really big marketing strategies you can use to attract prospects to your business , your personal blog.This is  where people get to know you, most important in business and especially on the internet.  A blog is one of the best things you can do to build an audience and a list for your business. Blogging has been a learning experience for me.  My blog is a work in progress. I will be learning and working on this for a while! It needs constant attention and nurturing. You don’t have to blog but the top internet marketers do have one and I highly recommend you learn how to produce your very own branded blog. This is where you can share great value with your audience.
Post valuable content to your blog on a regular basis, feed your blog and it will grow.  Once you write your blog post then you want to promote it.  You must do the promoting and find tools to help you. It’s work but the payoff is worth the effort.

4.Internet Marketing: Videos

In the past year since I started my journey into internet marketing the one thing that scared my more than any other thing is Video.
Why is something so simple as talking into a camera so scary? It really does hit at some primal level fear. But good news I’m breaking through on this marketing strategy just like the others I have tackled in the last year. Like so many strategies of marketing, I listened to countless webinars, watched  You Tube Videos looking for style and substance. The verdict is this…be yourself..there is no secret to creating You Tube Videos. Be honest, be yourself and offer some valuable content…that’s it. After many videos you will feel more comfortable with the camera.
Video marketing is hot! People have less attention spans and are looking for a quick way to get information fast.

5. Internet Marketing Secret: You never know who’ll you’ll meet!

The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for sure but the most special part of it has been the people I’ve met online. Internet marketers share the same desire to conquer this thing called  internet marketing and reap the rewards. Not only have I met successful online entrepreneurs  but also people just beginning . Some have been from the USA but many others have been from other countries as well. You never know who’ll you’ll connect with on the world wide web. I’ve also learned that picking up the telephone to connect with your leads can be a joy and not to be feared. There are people out there in the same place I was in just a short year ago and any help and support you can offer is welcomed.

Summary for Internet Marketing My First Year:

As I write this blog post, I am out of the country on vacation and it was for this very reason I was drawn to the idea of  internet marketing in the first place. I wanted to work from anywhere and now I am doing it!   Wow, I’m really doing it and so can you!

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