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lead generation by blogging

It wasn’t very long ago that my friends used to laugh at me. They would ask a question and of course I would say “Let’s Google It”,  This is no longer a laughing matter since millions of people everyday use the Google  or other Search function to find the information they are looking for.

That is why adding a blog to your marketing strategy is so very important. You have the power to do key word searches and find out with pinpoint precision what is in the minds of countless people on the internet today. Before starting your blog define your Why for your blog…once you do this the light bulb will go off and you’ll be on your way. My why is to help as many people as I can promote their internet business and become successful.

How can this  search information be of  help to you in you business?

Well let’s take a look. First and foremost it will give you unlimited subjects to write about,subjects you can turn into relevant content

Do a key work search for internet affiliate or network marketing. For example it could be on Network Marketing Lead Generation.  Put this phrase in the title of your blog and several times in the body of your blog..once every 100 words or so.

Some of the best subjects to research are Problem/solution, Company Reviews, or even write about your favorite Guru. Remember the #1 secret is the keyword search

After writing your blog post, post it to an Authority site examples of authority sites are Ezine Articles and also the Lead Generating System I subcribe to MLSP or My Lead System Pro…you can post your content on your own domain inside of MLSP.

The main purpose here is to drive quality traffic to your post. Traffic equals leads.

This is lead generation by blogging

There are other very important reasons to build  lead generation by blogging.

1. It’s FREE

2. What you write today is going to bring you leads for a long time because of the residual effect of posting content on the internet…it will be in cyber space for a long, long time. This will work for you just like building a down line in your network marketing business. Write once and reap the rewards for years to come. This is the beauty of lead generation by blogging.

3. You’re really going to help others achieve their dreams. The better your content the more you will be able to impact the lives and businesses of others who are seeking this information.

4. Did I say it it FREE!  (i know, i already said that) It’s a free way to get lead generation!

5. Article marketing is the heart of attraction marketing .

Then there are the tools you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your content. These include  the Market Samuri Tool  which helps with the word searches. Also Article Marketing Magic.

Your blog should be at least 500 words for maximum ranking.

Sit back be patient…be consistent…remember post at least 5 days a week. This strategy takes time to work but the results are well worth the wait…for more information

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