Magnetic Sponsoring – Do You Suck At MLM?

Ok let’s be honest here. I don’t usually talk like this but for those of you who really do suck at your MLM business I wanted to grab your attention and share this with you. Everybody sucks at first.  I know I did and sometimes still do.

I just finished an incredible book, actually I’ve just re-read it and it’s called  Magnetic Sponsoring and it was written by Mike Dillard. It’s the kind of book you will want to read over and over in order to soak up all the great wisdom.

Mike Dillard is an authority on attraction marketing and  has built a huge brand based on the principle in this book. He is a leader you should listen too.  If you read this book Mike promises, more leads, more cash, and more reps. Read on and learn more about Magnetic Sponsoring it could have a big impact on you and the way you do your business.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Some say it is revolutionary and some say it is evolutionary, it makes you question the way you approach your MLM business.

The first thing you learn from Mike is this, “everyone sucks at first in this business.” The key to making a full time income in your MLM is to become a leader. Now you might want to read that again, yes Mike Dillard says you have to become a leader to make it in this industry. So how do you go from sucking to a leader?  Let’s take a closer look.

According to Magnetic Sponsoring , what makes a person attractive?

It’s a biological trigger due to our evolution. As explained in the book, we by nature like to live in social groups. In the beginning we depended on a strong leader for survival. Someone physically strong with skills such as hunting .This person would be the leader until they were challenged by someone with enough confidence to become a leader themselves.

This is the survival instinct that is part of our make up. In the past people had a hard time surviving alone so groups and families were very important. Every group had a leader and the leader is the Alpha.

According to the book we are wired to find someone either attractive or un-attractive based on the level of value they have to offer. We gain a portion of their power by association.  Example:  celebrity and his entourage.

Magnetic Sponsoring in a nut shell:

1.People have a subconscious attraction to others who are strong leaders. It is the leader’s perceived value that is attractive.

2. If you want to make it big in the MLM industry you must learn how to become a leader and offer your value to those in your group.

The bottom line here is people don’t join a company, people join people. They are looking for a strong leader who can help them become successful and mentor them to become a leader as well.

Not everybody will come into this business with Alpha skills and charisma, then what? If that’s you, you must develop the skills to become a leader.

There are three types of people in life according to Mike Dillard in his book, alpha, pre alpha, and beta. You can also say there are leaders, up and coming leaders, and followers.

Which one are you?

Your state of mind determines a lot of what happens to you in this industry.

The people you recruit are a direct reflection of your personal beliefs about yourself.

If you are not happy with the way your MLM business is growing you need to look inside yourself and decide what needs to change from within.

So what do you do to become a leader?

Be dedicated to learning, find a mentor and put into practice what you learn.

There are many books to learn from and many other resources where you can obtain the training you need to get you there.  This is a  journey with no end except to keep evolving and getting better.

Magnetic Sponsoring can help but be committed to always being a student and never stop learning and improving. That’s what you have to be willing to do. Will you do it?

I suggest you start by reading Magnetic Sponsoring. Read it and understand the theory behind attraction marketing then put the suggestions into practice. You will begin to see a difference in yourself and your business once you understand what it takes to be attractive you can begin to offer value to others.

Be a servant and help people get what they want and by doing so you will begin to get what you want.

Help others, develop  yourself and never give up.


To Your Online Marketing Success,

Tonya Stephens

Attraction Marketing Specialist

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