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Have you ever been in the check out line at the grocery store and saw someone who looked like a great candidate for your business. You want to approach this person but don’t know what to say? Enter the elevator speech. It can save you lots of embarrassment at those awkward moments. It can make a big difference in your business to be always ready and know just what to say to grab your prospects attention.This article will explain why you need an elevator speech, how to use one effectively and what to say to get the most bang for buck.

The elevator speech is one of the most important things you can develope as you begin to grow your business. It is a prospecting tool that is invaluable.

You  want  to effectively sell yourself and your opportunity in a very short span of time, try to get it down to less than 30 seconds. Longer than that and your listeners eyes may glaze over.  The first few seconds are the most crucial. Our attention spans have gotten shorter and the first few seconds need to be intriguing so that the listener wants to hear more. It has to be attention grabbing!

If done correctly it will convey who you are and what your company and products can do for the prospect. It will intrigue the listener and also create sense of urgency! You want to make your listener want  the information right away. It is your signature statement you can use on the phone to get people to take a look at your opportunity. When you really polish your elevator speech you should easily be able to talk to 10 to 20 people a day.

 In the beginning it would be a good idea to let your upline review your elevator speech.

Practice it till you know it by heart, and then deliver it with confidence. Remember the more you believe in your products and opportunity the more that belief will come across. Practice with a mirror.

When should you use your elevator speech?

You can use it in an elevator of course but here are some other places to use it, at the gym, the meet up gathering,  your doctor, with your friends, with your hairdresser, barber, nail technician, lab technician, while you’re waiting for the bus,  or while you’re on a plane flying to your destination, at your office, while you’re waiting in line at the movies, the grocery store, at the bookstore, anywhere you run into people!

Just remember the elevator speech is a very effective tool if you polish and refine it. You only have a short  window to make an impression and in those  few seconds you need to:

Grab the attention of your prospect

Let them know who you are

Make your business opportunity sound attractive

Explain what this opportunity can do to help them

Example of my elevator speech:

Hi  I’m Tonya Stephens ,  Have you noticed lately that everyone is trying to lose weight and improve their health? My business helps people with this problem with a 90 Day Challenge  in fact I’ve lost 15 lbs myself in the past few weeks on the challenge.

I also train people to become  Promoters of the Challenge where they help their family and friends lose weight, get healthy, earn money and get their products for free. Do you know anyone who could benefit from something  like this? Great! Here’s my card, take a look at the website , when’s a good time for me to contact you, I’ll need your contact information?

In this example : I’m introducing myself, I’m asking  a question about a common problem, I offer a  solution, and explain the business model in a simple way , the prospect gets the business card with the information and then I ask for their contact info and a good time to contact them.

Practice your elevator speech till it feels natural…look in the mirror, say it over and over. Never stop prospecting. Do it everyday!

I’ve learned about elevator speech and other things here and you can too!



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