MLM success can be yours, if you #1 invest in yourself and #2 Refer to #1.

Do you find yourself getting tongue tied when you hear objections such as “I don’t have time to work a business,” or “I’m not sure I can afford to start a business,” or how about this one, I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, “Is this thing a pyramid scheme?” Your prospects have fear of the unknown. Your job is to acknowledge those fears and concerns.  Don’t freak out, not yet anyway.

The professionals have learned how to overcome                                                                           mlm success

objections and they are not afraid to meet them head on. They don’t skirt the issues. They realize that their prospects have real concerns and fears and they provide the solution to these with answers.

One of the things that separate the professionals from the amateurs is the ability to overcome objections and close the deal.

If you need help overcoming objections and the fear you feel when you hear them then read on:

Remember your prospect deserves to be heard and it is your job to help them make an informed decision.

#1 – “I don’t think I have the time.”

This was a major concern when I started my own network marketing career. I had many objections and needed some answers. We all  know how valuable time can be.

If I was ever going to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle I said I wanted I had to MAKE THE TIME to follow my MLM success.

Television, wow how much  time is wasted just sitting there watching endless hours of  TV. What does this really cost you? You  may ask your prospect to decide what’s important and what are they willing to give up to get  their MLM success.

Using time management strategies and weaving in 5-7 hours of quality work time will get them off to a great start in their business.

#2 – “I’m not sure I can afford it.”
Maybe maybe not. It might be that your prospect can’t afford not to at least check it out. Most MLM companies will have a wealth of promotional products to help educate your prospect.

 Have them talk to other people who have MLM success, 3 way calls are great for this. Edify your upline and put your prospect on a 3 way call.

Ask them to look at the reason why they want to start their own business. Are they looking to supplement their income to make ends meet?

Do they want to quit their job so someone else isn’t  raising their kids?   Are they in miserable work environment with a psychotic boss? Are they afraid of being laid off or have they been laid off. It never hurts to have a plan B especially if it leads to MLM success.

Ask them to think about what they really want to achieve with having a  their own business. Is their reason why is enough to keep them going even when the going gets tough? The “Why” should bring a tear to their eyes.

#3 – ” I’m not a salesperson.”

You might not want to be a salesperson and neither did I. I like to think of my network marketing business as sharing. I have a great product that produces phenomenal results and I really want to share it with others.

 My product fits with what I’ve been doing for so many years …helping people get healthy and also helping them with their MLM success.

Everyone is promoting something and they aren’t calling it selling. We all promote, doctors, politicians, ministers it just depends on what you decide to promote. Almost all communication is “selling” or persuading with your point of view.

#4 – “ I’ve tried a MLM before and it didn’t work.”

Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate business and takes some education, training and patience to have MLM success. Most of this depends on the person and their mindset. If their reason for doing this business is strong enough they will find a way to make it work and nothing can hold them back from MLM success.

It doesn’t take a big money commitment to get into network marketing which is a great thing but it’s also a bad thing because it’s easy to quit with no big lose.

For those who stick with it and reach the level of  MLM success that is possible  it is a fantastic life style well worth the effort.

Once you run out of family and friends is where the big problem comes in what do you do after that? Well for me the answer was to learn internet marketing and I joined a community of other network marketers. We share ideas and training and we learn what’s working and what’s not working from the system we all use and from each other. If you have run out of leads and you’re looking for a way to jump start you business click here.

#5 – “Is this a pyramid scheme?”

This is the all time favorite. For sure this is a legitimate concern especially if your prospect has lost money in a scam or maybe their Aunt Mattie did. The way to get around this objection is through Education! Researching this industry and learning what it is and isn’t will keep you from passing up a great opportunity.

I had many doubts  I could ever achieve MLM success when I started in this industry.

The first company I joined was a start up and it failed even before we started. Then I found the company I’m in today which is a great success. Look around, don’t join the first company you find, really research it.

Do your due diligence before joining any MLM. Check to see if they are a memeber of the DSA Direct Selling Association. They must meet high ethical standards in order to become a member.

Donald Trump and Warren Buffett both own MLM companies, if these financial giants like this business model then that give a lot of validity to  the possibility that there really is MLM success in this business model. It can work for you if you do the work.  Knowledge is key to MLM success.

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