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Have you ever asked yourself this question: Do I have to be a guru to do network marketing on the internet?

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The answer my friend is a definite no. We all start somewhere and most of us start at the novice level. This blog post will outline a way you can develop the skills necessary to take your business to the next level.

If you want to become  successful  with network marketing on the internet you can use the same  formula that I use. I will outline the details down below but first there are some steps you need to take before you begin your journey into network marketing on the internet.

  • Stop being so emotional about your business…begin to look at it as a BUSINESS! Study and understand the business plan.
  • Make the transition from somebody who is selling xyz to somebody who is building a business.

Never fear there is a way you can become successful promoting your network marketing on the internet .

This is the same system I use  and  I will explain the different levels everyone goes through before they are guru status for network marketing on the internet.

If I can do this then I know you can too.

#1   Novice: Academy Level

This is the “take you by the hand level”  the beginning of your journey into network marketing on the internet.

Everything is done for you. Your copy is written, your sales funnel is ready for you to use. The email follow up campaign is ready to go. You literally don’t have to do anything except start using the readymade  customizable system.

By using the system you begin to get leads, you call them up. You find out by asking questions what they are looking for and what they are struggling with in their business. You offer a solution because the number one problem in network marketing is a lack of leads.

At the Novice Level you learn to generate 50 to 100 leads.

The more you focus the faster you will move through these levels.

#2 List Builder: Gold Level

You pick a marketing strategy and perfect it…. your mantra is focus ,focus ,focus!

Focus and lots of it is one of the keys to success with network marketing on the internet.

You also learn how to set up a custom lead capture page. This is a critical stage to your business.

You generate your first 100 leads then you focus on setting up you own  auto responder and copywriting some broadcast emails to your email list. The initial emails are already set up for you but are totally customizable.  You’re learning how to build your own list. You learn that “The List” is the  gateway to success with network marketing on the internet. You can now begin the process of customizing the readymade sales funnel.

You are on your way to becoming a leader. You have full control of your destiny and you have a list.

#3  Team Builder..Platinum Level

You have a list and you’re building a team!

The system provides you with  all the tools you need to communicate with your team. Using these tools you begin to  systemize  training for your team . By systematizing training you free up your time. Without a system you are constantly on the phone trying to help your team members. Systems are good and help with retention. These are the skills you need for team building and you are full engaged with network marketing on the internet.

The team builder level comes with lots of band width and storage for your content , videos and trainings.

Set it up and give your team specific training in the back office.

This is what you’ve learned so far in your journey into network marketing on the internet.

1. you learned how to generate leads

2. you learned how to talk to your leads

3.  you learned how to incorporate an auto responder and send out broadcast messages.

4. you learned how to write  copy for a headline or for a capture page.

You have built a strong foundation with support,help and resources from the system that’s teaching you how to do network marketing on the internet.

From here on it’s going to get exciting.

There’s one more level and it’s for those who have preservered and made a committment to excellance and lifelong learning.

#4    Master : Mastery Level

You’ve moved beyond Team Builder and now you’re at the Mastery Level.

You’ve worked hard to get here…you are a master in at least one or two  marketing strategies and can generate leads on a daily consistent basis. You always have people to talk to about your business and you are a leader.

The system offers much at this level including 100% profit from educational  digital products already created by other successful marketers.

Joint ventures…now that you have a “Big List”  where you can team up with other marketers to help them sell their products by sending out email broadcast to your list.  “The money is in the list?” and it’s true.  Network marketing on the internet makes all of this possible.

With the Mastery Level you can tap into the best part of  the system.

You are being invited to join the ranks……..of the best of the best.

Congratulations you just became a Rock Star!

I’m sure by now most of you may have guessed what “The System” is.

It’s called My Lead System Pro and it’s the system that is teaching me what I know about network marketing on the internet. It is a proven system and I am proof that it works along with countless others who are  generating leads for their business and also making affiliate commissions by providing education products to those who are struggling.

If you are struggling with your business and want to get off the emotional roller coaster. Take a look at My lead System Pro and what it has to offer you. You can begin today learning network marketing on the internert.

You don’t have to build it…it’s ready to go.

Take a look here for a risk free test drive….$2 click here!


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