Hi there world!

Tonya Stephens Blog was born today! It is the first day of my ramblings!

I hope you like my ramblings and find some value here in what I have to share with you because this is my purpose.

I want to thank  Kim Tarr for her hard work on helping me put this blog together. Thank you Kim!

Now we will be getting down to work.

But before this happens let me explain a few things:

My job is to furnish you with outstanding information you can use in building your business.

The subjects may range from mind set, to prospecting, to interviewing, creative ways to find leads and so on.

I will do my best to find this information and pass it along to you.

Your job is  to check in periodically and use this information. Deal?……dea

I am really looking forward to many years with you guys as we all grow together and become successful in this world of opportunity.

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