googleSocial media backlinks are now more important than ever for the growth of your website/blog.

When I started blogging not long ago I had no clue how to get traffic to my blog, it was a total mystery. I’m still  no expert but I’ve learned a lot recently about the elements needed to have a successful blog.

The #1 problem for websites/blogs is traffic. Unfortunately Google keeps tweaking their search engine algorithms which can affect your traffic . They just rolled out Penguin 2.0 last week.

But first a little history about what has happened in the last 2 years that might be affecting your website/blog and your traffic.

Individual pages on your website/blog get ranked by Google in the search engine from the number of backlinks they receive.  Your main url receives a ranking for the total number of backlinks to your site.

A backlink is like a vote and the more votes your site or pages get the better. More backlinks gives your site authority and shows Google that the content you offer is in demand and relevant to your market.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Panda algorithm. Google implemented Panda in 2011  and it affected 12% to 15% of all websites on the internet. Penguin changes came out last year and  Penguin 2.0    was just launched last week  (May 22, 2013).

Why did  Google take this  action?

It became obvious that some internet marketers took advantage of the system by creating or buying non desirable backlinks for the sole purpose of inflating their rank. Google caught on to this tactic and got fed up with backlink spamming. There were many “Black Hat” marketers using these methods to build quantities of backlinks to inflate their ranking but these backlinks  lacked quality. The website/blog owners were trying to create more traffic to their site.

Google likes quality (relevance) so with the algorithmic changes  they went after the spammy backlinks.

The result was to de-index many website’s backlinks and also in some instances de-index the website itself. Many marketers websites were devastated to say the least. They lost their backlinks and with it the lost their rank and their traffic.

Unfortunately some of the “White Hat” marketers were also caught in the cross fire and they too suffered some loss in backlinks and ranking.

This turn of events has brought us to social media for creating organic backlinks.

Google likes natural organic backlinks.  Enter “The Social Vote.”

Social Media Marketing is where we are today in building our website/blog and online business. To be effective we need to know all we can about how to implement this preferred backlinking strategy.

Social Media Definition:   Here’s a great article on what is Social Media. 

These backlinks are relevant to your site and also your bio because real humans are giving them to you when they come to your blog to read your content. This makes Google very happy! By getting your backlinks in this organic way you do not have to fear Google’s rath by getting  de-indexed.

How do you get “The Social Vote?” Here are 4 Keys to Success

 1.  Know which key words your niche market is looking for. Build your website/blog around those keywords. With Penguin make sure you use different anchor text for your keywords in a blog post.

 2. Write quality content that is relevant (keywords) to your market and readers. Great content still rules!

3. Make it easy for your readers by placing social media buttons in a convenient location. You really want everyone coming to your blog to share your great content.

4.You can also do your part to share your content on the web. Joining groups is one great way to share your content and also posting to your social media sites don’t forget to ask your fans and friends to Like, Comment and Share your blog posts.

What social media sharing sites do you  share on and what is a good way to implement social media management?

I will  be talking more about these top social media sites and social media tools in my next blog post.

I just read a great article by Babanature (thanks Adrienne) where he listed a great many of these social media examples. He also outlined his routine for posting and sharing to these sites. It’s a great read!

There is a site I’d like to share with you. You can go here and see how many backlinks your website/blog has. It will also tell you where these backlinks came from. It has a free version for checking 10 urls a day. It’s called Ahref  click the link.

What are your thoughts on the “Social Vote?” Like it, hate it? It took me a while to understand this subject. We as website owners need to stay aware of things that affect our website such as the newly implemented Penguin 2.0.

Over to you, do you think about SEO and backlinking? Are you doing keyword research to maximize your traffic potential?

What are you doing now for building backlinks to your blog?



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