Social Media Backlinks | 4 Keys To Success

                                 Social media backlinks are now more important than ever for the growth of your website/blog. When I started blogging not long ago I had no clue how to get traffic to my blog, it was a total mystery. I'm still  no expert but I've learned a lot recently about the elements needed to have a successful blog. The Read more [...]
How to write a great Headline               In my last blog post I outlined the H-PITA Formula for creating highly convertible content. I had  lots of comments on this subject and especially related to the H  as you know  stands for headline. The Headline is one of "The Most" important elements of your blog post. I would like to share some Read more [...]

MLM Lead Generation | Benefits Of A Blog

Blog for MLM Lead Generation I have a tip for you today on how you can solve one of the biggest problems we have as network marketers and that problem is lead generation more specifically  laser targeted leads for our business. If you don't know what a laser targeted lead's someone who is looking for  exactly what you have to offer. There Read more [...]

Blogging For MLM Success: 5 Key Points

Blogging For MLM Success                                                                                       If you're  in  an MLM  business you know the most important thing to help grow your business is a steady flow of  interested leads. If you've bought leads before you know they are not the most Read more [...]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

  "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award."                              Surprise! A few days ago I was nominated by my "online" friend Elaine Horner for the prestigious "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award." I am very surprised and very happy to receive this blog award. Elaine Horner has been blogging for a while. She and her Read more [...]
The computer is a network marketer’s most important tool and makes it possible for us to connect to the world wide web. So here we are the 10th Day of April. What’s on your agenda for today? For me it is getting used to a new computer since my beloved computer of 6 years just gave up and died. Let me explain how I felt when my computer Read more [...]

Network Marketing: Levels of Success Part Two

Network Marketing :The Levels of Success Part Two At this level you are starting to generate your own branded leads. It is a good idea to start your on blog. You can also begin to participate in forums and advertise using many different methods, for example local classified, Craig’s List or even Drop Cards. Co-ops is another alternative method Read more [...]
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