Social Media Backlinks | 4 Keys To Success

                                 googleSocial media backlinks are now more important than ever for the growth of your website/blog.

When I started blogging not long ago I had no clue how to get traffic to my blog, it was a total mystery. I’m still  no expert but I’ve learned a lot recently about the elements needed to have a successful blog.

The #1 problem for websites/blogs is traffic. Unfortunately Google keeps tweaking their search engine algorithms which can affect your traffic . They just rolled out Penguin 2.0 last week.

But first a little history about what has happened in the last 2 years that might be affecting your website/blog and your traffic.

Individual pages on your website/blog get ranked by Google in the search engine from the number of backlinks they receive.  Your main url receives a ranking for the total number of backlinks to your site.

A backlink is like a vote and the more votes your site or pages get the better. More backlinks gives your site authority and shows Google that the content you offer is in demand and relevant to your market.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Panda algorithm. Google implemented Panda in 2011  and it affected 12% to 15% of all websites on the internet. Penguin changes came out last year and  Penguin 2.0    was just launched last week  (May 22, 2013).

Why did  Google take this  action?

It became obvious that some internet marketers took advantage of the system by creating or buying non desirable backlinks for the sole purpose of inflating their rank. Google caught on to this tactic and got fed up with backlink spamming. There were many “Black Hat” marketers using these methods to build quantities of backlinks to inflate their ranking but these backlinks  lacked quality. The website/blog owners were trying to create more traffic to their site.

Google likes quality (relevance) so with the algorithmic changes  they went after the spammy backlinks.

The result was to de-index many website’s backlinks and also in some instances de-index the website itself. Many marketers websites were devastated to say the least. They lost their backlinks and with it the lost their rank and their traffic.

Unfortunately some of the “White Hat” marketers were also caught in the cross fire and they too suffered some loss in backlinks and ranking.

This turn of events has brought us to social media for creating organic backlinks.

Google likes natural organic backlinks.  Enter “The Social Vote.”

Social Media Marketing is where we are today in building our website/blog and online business. To be effective we need to know all we can about how to implement this preferred backlinking strategy.

Social Media Definition:   Here’s a great article on what is Social Media. 

These backlinks are relevant to your site and also your bio because real humans are giving them to you when they come to your blog to read your content. This makes Google very happy! By getting your backlinks in this organic way you do not have to fear Google’s rath by getting  de-indexed.

How do you get “The Social Vote?” Here are 4 Keys to Success

 1.  Know which key words your niche market is looking for. Build your website/blog around those keywords. With Penguin make sure you use different anchor text for your keywords in a blog post.

 2. Write quality content that is relevant (keywords) to your market and readers. Great content still rules!

3. Make it easy for your readers by placing social media buttons in a convenient location. You really want everyone coming to your blog to share your great content.

4.You can also do your part to share your content on the web. Joining groups is one great way to share your content and also posting to your social media sites don’t forget to ask your fans and friends to Like, Comment and Share your blog posts.

What social media sharing sites do you  share on and what is a good way to implement social media management?

I will  be talking more about these top social media sites and social media tools in my next blog post.

I just read a great article by Babanature (thanks Adrienne) where he listed a great many of these social media examples. He also outlined his routine for posting and sharing to these sites. It’s a great read!

There is a site I’d like to share with you. You can go here and see how many backlinks your website/blog has. It will also tell you where these backlinks came from. It has a free version for checking 10 urls a day. It’s called Ahref  click the link.

What are your thoughts on the “Social Vote?” Like it, hate it? It took me a while to understand this subject. We as website owners need to stay aware of things that affect our website such as the newly implemented Penguin 2.0.

Over to you, do you think about SEO and backlinking? Are you doing keyword research to maximize your traffic potential?

What are you doing now for building backlinks to your blog?



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How to write a great Headline              how to write a great headling

In my last blog post I outlined the H-PITA Formula for creating highly convertible content. I had  lots of comments on this subject and especially related to the H  as you know  stands for headline.

The Headline is one of “The Most” important elements of your blog post.

I would like to share some of the  comments  I received.

Sue Neal

“I usually spend quite a while trying to get my headline right and write this first-I use it as the focus of the article.”

Dan Sumner

” I personally think the headline says a lot especially when you tweet it or email to your readers. An interesting headline gets way more opens!”

Bonnie Gean   bonniegean .com

“Interestingly enough I sometimes create the headline AFTER the rest has been written. It works better for me that way.”

BG Jenkins

” I agree that the headline needs to be something enticing to get that click. I appreciate the comments from your visitors to add to the info.”

Ginny Carter

“I think what people often forget is that a headline should offer or imply some benefit to the reader- entice them into thinking what’s in it for me”.


Although I chose only a few comments to share I do appreciate all of the comments.

It was interesting to see that everyone agrees on the importance of the headline. It was also interesting to read that some of you use the headline for the content creation and some of you create the content and then think about the headline. I am of the latter persuasion. I tend to create the content first and then the headline.

So here’s the BIG CHALLENGE.

We are competing for attention on the internet. If we get enough attention then we also get traffic.  Without traffic we are wasting our valuable time and we will not be getting content into the hands of the audience we are trying to reach.

You can create dynamic content and even rank on the first page of Google but if your Headline doesn’t stir curiosity or emotion and entice your reader to click then what’s the point? Our ultimate goal is to get the click…agree?

I certainly have struggled with this problem as I’m sure many of you have.

When I started blogging I was clueless about everything related to blogging. I just jumped in feet first. I was told I needed a blog to promote my business and I  definitely agreed. It is an essential part of  marketing online.

I think initially I had some pretty boring headlines and even pretty boring blog posts. Of course I still struggle with this issue. One thing you don’t want to be online is BORING!  It’s worth the time and effort to discover some things that may help you become less boring.  The process is  all about learning your craft and developing the skills you need for success.

One of the awesome resources I ran across recently was a report written by Jon Morrow , he is an assistant editor over at  Copy Blogger and has several of his own blogs . Jon Morrow has an amazing life story you can read about   here. He is a  an online coach and all around great copywriter.

The name of the report is  52 Headline Hacks   A “Cheat Sheet” for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral.  I have downloaded a lot of information about writing great headlines but this is by far the best i’ve found. It’s now the only source I use to help me create my headlines.

Jon Morrow tells a story of an English professor  he once had who said this” The best writers are the best thieves,” he goes on to explain that most of the enticing headlines you see today are really more than 50 years old. They are merely changed and modernized for “Today’s Market” but the basic format is the same.

Here are a few categories that you can expect to find in the report.

There are threat headlines: What keeps your readers up at night?

1. How Safe is Your [Blank]

2. The Shocking Truth About [blank]

Zen Headlines

1. Can’t keep up? 11 Ways to Simplify

2. How to take charge of your [unruly problem]

Mistake Headlines- Irresistible Teasers From the Masters

1. [blank] Mistakes that make you [look/sound] like a [blank]

2. 11 [blank] mistakes you don’t know you’re making

These are only a few of the selection and he recommends that you use one a week since there are 52 headlines you can chose one every week for the whole year. I hope you take the time to look at this report I think it’s great!

This is a quick way to increase attention to your blog posts and after all that is our main challenge online. We as bloggers want and need our share of attention!

I’d love to hear some examples of eye popping headlines you may have run across. Feel free to share them here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to write a better headline and I would like to hear more about your processes for writing clickable and enticing headlines.

You can get the free report here so click now!


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MLM Lead Generation | Benefits Of A Blog

Blog for MLM Lead Generation

I have a tip for you today on how you can solve one of the biggest problems we have as network marketers and that problem is lead generation more specifically  laser targeted pink typewriter thank you noteleads for our business. If you don’t know what a laser targeted lead is…it’s someone who is looking for  exactly what you have to offer. There are several strategies you can use to accomplish this but the one I’m going to talk about today is using a personal blog to attract those people who are struggling in their business.

Watch the video to learn more:




    So let’s get started… what is a blog?

A blog is simply your personal website.  It’s powerful because it helps you build your brand. You want people to recognize you and feel like they know you and you can do this with a blog by offering good content.  Click here for more on how to write “The Perfect Blog Post.”

The  blog content can be written or video, it can be “how to articles”, lists of products or anything useful  that has helped you learn something new or even things of a more personal nature such as your lifestyle or  your own successes.

Once you set up your blog and begin this process of letting people get to know you and sharing great content that’s useful you can encourage your readers to interact by leaving their comments and this can create an audience. They will  return to your blog again and again to get the value you are sharing .It’s a great way to build trust.

Why do you want to build trust with your blog audience?

Because when you build trust  with your audience  they have confidence in you and they are  more likely to join you in business or buy from you. That’s  exactly the result we want…we are here marketing and we want to attract our lead. This is the basis for attraction marketing …if you want to build your business on the internet you must have an understanding of attraction marketing.

There are many ways to build your brand and many strategies to generate targeted leads online. What I’ve told you here today is just one way to do it. I have placed a link below with a free video course on attraction marketing…I recommend you begin learning today so you can start to generate those targeted leads that you know you need for your business.

Remember, if you don’t have people to talk to you don’t have a click here for the free training.

To Your Online Marketing Success,                                                           

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Blogging For MLM Success: 5 Key Points

Blogging For MLM Success                                                                                       pink typewriter thank you note

If you’re  in  an MLM  business you know the most important thing to help grow your business is a steady flow of  interested leads. If you’ve bought leads before you know they are not the most targeted and some of them are annoyed that you are calling. There are other ways to create leads but there again they are not always as targeted as you might like.

So What’s the solution to this problem? Where do you find new leads? This is where blogging comes in.  Blogging can help you  find targeted leads on the internet if you know how.

I put together some pointers  and I’d like to share them with you today. Here are some of the ways you can use blogging for MLM success.

1. What is a blog?

A blog is simply a website. There are many ways to make it uniquely your own. Word press  has made blogging simple to set up. Everyone should be able to set up their own blog. I do suggest you use a blog because it will belong to you and no one can take it away or dictate what you can write about.You will need hosting for this set up. There is a yearly fee but it’s not expensive. I use Blue Host for hosting my blog. You can find Blue Host here under my product recommendations here. You will also need to purchase a domain name for your blog so think in terms of branding yourself.

2. Branding Yourself

Branding yourself online is very important and can help you enhance your blogging for MLM success. is my domain name for this blog and I am building my brand. It is unique. Don’t brand yourself to a company because that could change, make sure your brand is unique! I am building my brand as me . I feel this is the best way to go.

WordPress has allowed the average person with a passion to express themselves and join the world wide web to get their message out to the masses. This goes along very well with blogging for MLM success. You can write a blog post as easy as using a word document.

You can customize your blog with different themes and plugins to make your blog unique in appearance and stand out from the crowd. Show your creativity!

What you say in your own voice is the key to your message.  By expressing your unique point of view your efforts at blogging for mlm success will pay off in dividends.

3. Blogging for MLM success is an interactive process.                                                                                                             interactive

Once you set up your blog and begin the process of sharing your unique voice you will attract readers to your blog. Encourage your readers to comment. Commenting is the life blood of your blog. Commenting creates a sense of community and your blog can become a trusted source of information that can be shared with others across the internet. Commenting can also create organic back links  which is a very good thing. Google likes this and we like to please Google. Play it forward and always visit your readers blog as well if they have one. Read the blog post and  leave a genuine comment on their latest entry.

4. Blogging for MLM success takes consistent effort.

Nurture your  blog It is important to continually add fresh and interesting content to your blog on a regular schedule. Your blog needs to be nurtured and cared for. It is like a living thing. If it is neglected it could wither and die. Many blogs have been started and then abandoned. It’s not hard to find these abandoned blogs scattered across the internet wastelands. Don’t let this happen to your blog. Make a commitment to grow your blog readership and you will be blogging for MLM success in no time.

5. Monetize your blog.

Once you create your blog and nurture it your readers will find you and continue to grow in numbers. This creates traffic and the traffic can be monetized. This can grow into a good source of income for you the blog owner!  If you want to earn money on the internet and grow  your business blogging for MLM success is a great way to go.

Watch This Video on Blogging For MLM Success!


Blogging For MLM Success Summary:

This is how you start, set up a blog, create value in the content, post it on regular schedule and share it with your readers, they in turn will reward you with a loyal following which will grow over time. Blogging for MLM success is a long term marketing strategy. You will need a short term strategy as well, more to come on this.

Your readers will come to know you, like you, trust you and this my friends is the basis for all good business transactions. After you have established a relationship with your readers you can then sell to them.

What I describe is called attraction marketing. Blogging for MLM success can be a big part of an attraction marketing strategy.

If this blog post has helped you understand how blogging for MLM success can help your business,  please feel free to share it with your friends and of course leave a great comment so I will know you were here. You might also like this blog post: click here.


To Your Online Marketing Success,

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

  “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”                             Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Surprise! A few days ago I was nominated by my “online” friend
Elaine Horner for the prestigious “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”
I am very surprised and very happy to receive this blog award.
Elaine Horner has been blogging for a while. She and her family have always been entrepreneurs and have enjoyed a better than average life style.

I want to give a great big shout out to Elaine for thinking of me. I am truly honored to receive this award! Thank You Elaine!

As with most things in life there are a few simple rules attached to receiving and sharing this award, but don’t worry they are pretty easy….

Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:  

                                                                                                                                                                                                     pink typewriter thank you note
• All recipients need to thank the giver
• Post 7 things about yourself
• Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
• Include the logo of the award in the post or on your blog
That’s it.

7 Things about me

  1.  I was born in St Petersburg, Fl. and soon after my family  moved to Mobile, Al where I grew up and went to school. We lived “out in the country” and one of my jobs was to help feed the chickens and gather eggs. I was also very good at shelling butter beans
  2.  During High School I was  good at music and won the High School Band’s top award the  “John Phillip Sousa Award .”  My band director encouraged me  to go on to college and major in music but I declined. I was interested in medicine and wanted to apply to the Radiologic School of Technology at a local hospital.
  3.  After 26 months I became a Registered X-Ray Technologist and for a few years I worked at this mostly in surgery.   Then I became bored. I decided to learn Ultrasound. I became a specialist in Ultrasound and did CardioVascular Ultrasound Scans for the next many years until I retired
  4.  I have two daughters Abby and Carrie.
  5. I have been married 17 years to my husband Harold and we love to be on the water and in the water. We love to travel.
  6. I love Scuba Diving and have traveled to many exotic places to pursue this sport.
  7.  The Colors of the Caribbean   inspired me to pursue my passion for art.  I became a painter.  I sell my art in Art Shows and galleries locally.

My Nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I would like to pass the torch to 7 great bloggers who I think are very deserving of this award.
I appreciate you all and I hope you accept. If you have been given this award before or you want to pass, I totally understand.
These awards always present an opportunity to express gratitude and also introduce bloggers as well as readers to each other who otherwise may never have met.

So without further ado here they are my

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Winners!

  Adirenne Smith

Jamella Smith Biegel

Maria Eves       

Val Heisey    

                                   Alicia Stringer

   Elizabeth Horlemann   

Yvonne Warner        

Thank you again Elaine Honer for nominating me for this prestigious award!


If you enjoyed this post please a comment and share it with others.

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The computer is a network marketer’s most important tool and makes it possible for us to connect to the world wide web.

The computer

Internet marketing Tool

So here we are the 10th Day of April. What’s on your agenda for today?

For me it is getting used to a new computer since my beloved computer of 6 years just gave up and died.

Let me explain how I felt when my computer died ….NO!!!!!!!!!

This can’t be happening. In fact I had just said to myself concerning my computer…(you know mind talk), self I said, “I sure have taken good care of you  my dear, old, cherished, computer.”  I said ;” you may not be the prettiest, the fastest or have the biggest memory but you are consistent and you never leave my stranded by the side of the road.” I was saying this because it has lasted and lasted just like the every ready bunny with no end in sight! Ugh! Kiss of Death! Why did I say that to myself? Why did I have that realization?  Maybe it is because I’m reading “Think and Grow Rich” you know your thoughts have energy, right?  Maybe my computer was trying to tell me in oh so many ways and I wasn’t listening. You know listening is a skill you must master in network marketing. I didn’t listen, I assumed it would live forever. Very shortly thereafter it died, quietly without a whimper….

I should have known better for patting myself on the back thinking what a good person I was for the kind and gentle care I had given  my computer.

Do you believe it? Is this the way you treat your computer?  Heck, if the truth be known I had really abused the poor data works. Yep I admit it, I really wasn’t that good to it in fact I killed my computer. I admit it. I rode it hard just like riding a horse through the desert. It never complained, sometimes a little slow but I always had faith it could finish the race. Little did I know how my computer really felt; it was more than a little resentful. It was tired of all those late nights, all those webinars, all that Skype! It repaid me alright by choking up and crashing!  I know I’m to blame and it didn’t help that I had just started  some video marketing for my new You Tube campaign. I am to blame. I was shoving a steady stream of videos down it’s throat and little did I know it was choking on the volume with little memory left, I pushed and pushed until it could handle no more. The monitor blinked one last time and it was gone. I have no one to blame but myself! Rest in peace Gigabyte.

 What to do? Greive a little, but no time to waste cause the lead generation must go on.I had to go out and purchase a new computer, right then, right away, ASAP, after all I am an internet marketer!

How can I fill my sales funnels without a computer? How can I manage my Pay per Click? How can I connect on Facebook? How can I upload and download? How can I produce articles for my article marketing strategy without a computer? You get the picture.  Awwwww, I don’t need this! Not now. Where are all my files? They are still in the old dead computer!  I have no Article Marketing Wizard, Article Marketing Robot, or Best Spinner, I feel………naked and alone ….somebody please help me.

This is serious, don’t laugh!

I found someone to help me. His name is Shad and he works at Best Buys! Thank you Shad for your confident questionnaire that got me back on the right track. Shad has saved my internet marketing career! Do I owe him a commission?

What does one day off do for your internet marketing business? Well not much unless you have planned to take that day off. I didn’t so now it’s catch up time and to top it off; I now have to figure out this new computer. I have to connect with my new friend here. It’s so clean, so fresh, and so innocent.  I can’t wait to become friends with my new acquisition. First things firsts…..I want my files back!

Rest in Peace Sweet Dell……Hello HP!


Tonya Stephens,

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Network Marketing: Levels of Success Part Two

Network Marketing :The Levels of Success Part Two

At this level you are starting to generate your own branded leads.

Congratulations You Have Reached the Top!

It is a good idea to start your on blog. You can also begin to participate in forums and advertise using many different methods, for example local classified, Craig’s List or even Drop Cards. Co-ops is another alternative method for advertising.

The goal here is to leverage your time and skills so you can work less than 20 hours per week and still sponsor 2 to 4 prospects per week.

At this time you should have leads coming in on a daily basis. Some push marketing and some pull. Also at this level you have team members who can participate in follow up calling. You can take a week off or a month!

You will be learning through personal development courses and training because you are the CEO of your company.

You are teaching other people to become leaders and do what you do.

The Third Level of Success

This is 90 to 100% pull marketing “Attraction Marketing”. This is where people are contacting you and connecting with you on Face Book, Linkedin and other social media sites. They are finding your content and training and they are buying you as the expert!

Because they “Know”, “like”, and “Trust”, you. They want to join you. They want you to teach them and train them.

Congratulations! You have become a master en roller by now. You’re getting people started in your business every day.

You are attracting who you are becoming. You are attracting a higher quality person. You plug them into your system and they will produce very quickly because they have experience. They are successful much quicker that you were because now you are attracting leaders. You have become a master communicator.

At this stage you are fully leveraged.

This is where you are building a business and not just a down line. This is where you are a marketing expert.

You can now write your own ticket!

You work less than 10 hours a week and still enroll 4 to 5 business builders per week. These are the people who want to get it done now! They have already reached success somewhere else in their life. They are winners and leaders.

The Fourth Level of Success

At this level you are a Jedi Warrior in Attraction Marketing.

Remember a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.

You must stretch and get out of your comfort zone. Connect with people, develop personal growth, pick up the phone and initiate contact!  You are getting better with these tools and your personal resources’. Your team is exploding and you’ll make so much money you don’t know what to do with it all.

You’ll be investing a portion of the money you make and contributing to charities you will have the ability to make the world a better place.

You will probably be a Millionaire!

This is the top of MLM Levels of Success.

Bam!……… over!



Tonya Stephens

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