I recently answered a question about the importance of having a Facebook fan page. I outlined 3 Great Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page as a business person and why you should consider creating your very own fan page Now that you know the importance of having a Facebook fan page what do you do to engage your new "Fans?" It is recommended you post Read more [...]
I recently saw a question in a network marketing group from a lady who asked "Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page." I've been online for a while and  I was surprised because I thought everyone knew the answer to that question.  I forget there are plenty of new people entering online marketing everyday and they need Facebook marketing tips and the Read more [...]

How Getting More Referrals Is Easier Than You Think

Getting more referrals is a process. Do you have enough leads? I think it's a safe bet that you don't. This is the number one biggest problem network marketers have don't you know. This blog post will show you how getting more referrals might be easier than you think. Referrals are a great source for leads but largely overlooked . Could it be "The Read more [...]
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