Can you really attract people to you online using attraction marketing? The answer of course is yes. Attraction Marketing: Is the new  model for doing business. It leverages the internet and social media to attract interested customers to you instead of you chasing them. This is a very useful way of generating leads for your network marketing business Read more [...]

The Top 10 Home Based Business Tax Deductions

Home based business tax deductions are not exactly awe inspiring to write about but understanding them is a necessary part of being  a home based business owner. I recently sat down to organize my tax information for my home based businesses. These  include my mlm , internet marketing and also my art sales. I can tell you it's much easier come Read more [...]
The computer is a network marketer’s most important tool and makes it possible for us to connect to the world wide web. So here we are the 10th Day of April. What’s on your agenda for today? For me it is getting used to a new computer since my beloved computer of 6 years just gave up and died. Let me explain how I felt when my computer Read more [...]

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page Cover Photo

Facebook Timeline Fan Page Changes. Last week I wrote a blog post on the changes Facebook has made to the Facebook Fan Pages in the new timeline format and I promised more information about these changes.  In the mean time I have seen where many people are interested in making a cover photo for their Facebook Fan Page or WordPress Blog and Read more [...]

Facebook Marketing Strategies to Jump Start Your Business

Yes you can use Facebook marketing strategies  to promote your network marketing business online. You can bring in leads, opportunities and sales for any small business. I do it every day. There is a right way and a wrong way to utilize Facebook marketing strategies. There is a big difference in using Facebook for your business compared to Read more [...]

Network Marketing: Levels of Success

This is a multi part report.  In this section we will look at Level 1 and the beginning of Level 2 What can you expect when you decide to start your own Network Marketing business? There are several different and distinct levels to your growth in Network Marketing. Out of 100 people coming into a network marketing business 3% will have the Read more [...]

MLM: Getting Over The Fear Of Starting Your Business

MLM don't beat yourself up over it.Ok so you signed on the dotted line plunked down your money and registered for autoship. You’re so excited that you’re in business!  Yea! Now what? Tips Starting Small Business? Business Plans for Start UPSYou have just made one of the most exciting decisions of your life but at the same time you’re Read more [...]
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