Why Use Facebook for Marketing?


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Facebook is a huge part of our marketing world because it’s the largest social platform available to us.
One thing is certain about marketing on Facebook, there will be continual changes coming down the road. We as marketers are continually challenged to learn more new Facebook marketing strategies and find innovative ways to use them.
Next Up…..The Hashtag.

What are Facebook hashtags ?

This is a feature Twitter perfected and has been using for a long time. It’s purpose is to have real time conversations on trending keyword topics. It can also make a subject go viral.
Hashtags give you the opportunity to find other people using the same word or phrase. Simply use the # in your status update. The # along with the keyword  or keywords ( no spaces) is a clickable hyperlink made from the word or phrase you used. You can also use the search bar by entering the hashtag keyword. The hashtag icon will appear at the top of the page, click here to find unlimited status updates using the same hashtag keyword.

Once you see the blue hyperlink you can click on it to connect with other people talking about the same subject.This makes it easier to initiate engagement with people interested in the same things as you. You can now talk about the things you want to talk about and find plenty of people talking about the same thing.

Here are some Marketing via Facebook ideas using the new #hashtag feature.

  • Share your content using the #hashtag. Simply post a status update with the link to your blog post or video url along with the #keywords associated with your content. By sharing your content in this way you can find a wider audience on Facebook.
  • Connect with new people. You can use the hashtag with a keyword or phrase that is related to your niche. You can then find people talking about that subject or they can find you. In this way it makes it easier to connect with new people.
  • Create an event and use the #hashtag to help promote your event to a broader market.
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page using the #keyword and ask people interested in your keyword to join you for a more selective  group discussion .

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to use  Facebook hashtags

What are the advantages of using the hashtag feature?
People will see what you posted even if they’re not on Facebook at the time you posted it.
Viewers can find specific information simply by using the hashtag.
People not following you can also find your status update because your keyword targets their interests. This also works in reverse since you can find people interested in your niche more easily.
You can join in on conversations and even answer questions on a specific subject.

Future plans for Facebook fan page marketing  using hashtags.
Facebook wants to tap into “real time advertising.” this will be coming in the future so be looking for more Facebook business marketing tips.
The hastags will be used to get your ad to the people talking about your subject. Amazingly it has been reported that there are between 88 to 100 million users on Facebook every night during “Primetime” This is huge!

What do you think about the new Facebook hashtag feature? Have you used it since they rolled it out? Do you have any suggestions you care to share about using it for marketing strategies?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new Facebook hashtag feature.

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Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Status Updates

I recently answered a question about the importance of having a Facebook fan page.

I outlined 3 Great Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page as a business person and why you should consider creating your very own fan page

Now that you know the importance of having a Facebook fan page what do you do to engage your new “Fans?”

It is recommended you post  status updates on a regular basis. It has been suggested that status updates be posted at least 3 times a day as a good rule of thumb to promote engagement with your fans.
If you’re like me, you might have a problem doing this on a consistent basis. Even if you do manage to keep up with this schedule Facebook can be a mine field of distractions  as we all know.

To prevent the shiny object syndrome from taking it’s toll and to be more organized in your Facebook marketing you could consider using a Facebook feature that I love, the Facebook status update scheduler. It automates your posts. So even when you are too busy to get over to Facebook 3 times a day you’re still posting automatically. It also gives you a chance to really think about your status updates. I’ve listed an editorial weekly suggested calender of what to post and when. This is only a suggestion but it does help me stay on track with my Facebook fan page.

Some marketers use a third party app such as Hoot Suite but if you don’t want another subscription payment every month and you don’t need all the other added feature of 3rd party apps read on.

I started using this Facebook feature not too long ago. I’ve found it to be a valuable time saver and it is a great solution for getting quality posts to my fans.

I think you will love it too.Watch this video on how  easy it is to schedule a  Facebook status update.

  • Click on your status update box
  • Look in the lower left hand and you will see a tiny clock icon.
  • Write your status update and then click this clock.
  • You will be able to input the year, day , hour and minute. Once you do this you will see schedule instead of post. click it.
  • You will now see an activity log confirming your scheduled post. You can go there to check it if you like or simply OK it.
  • That’s all there is too it! It saves be a ton of time.

Use it a few times and you will see how this feature can save you time.

I love using this feature because I don’t have to worry about getting on  at any given time. I know my fan page status updates are done for me automatically.
This is a great feature to use when you go on vacation as well!

Remember variety, value, consistency and engagement are keys to Facebook fan page success.

I took a course last year on Facebook marketing from “Get 1000 Fans.” They had some great suggestions for what to post for  value driven  content likely to spark engagement from your fans. I received a guide to help with this task.

This guide should be tailored to your unique market and situation.
Always have a call to action in your status updates. Ask your fans to “like , comment, share or click the link.”

  • Monday Morning : Ask a question such as what’s on your agenda for the week ahead.
  • Monday Evening: Share a great blog post. It could be yours or someone else’s as long as it’s value packed.
  • Tuesday Morning: You could create a poll on a hot topic for your niche market
  • Wednesday Morning: Post a video tutorial don’t forget a call to action
  • Wedneday Evening: You could ask another question
  • Thursday Morning: Share a blog post with a picture. Ask you fans to share an experience that reflects the subject of the blog post.
  • Thursday Evening: Post about a product or service of yours.
  • Friday Morning: Post more great content about a hot button subject, it could be an article or blog post.
  • Saturday and Sunday I think should be optional for a business page, how do you feel about that?

Are you using the Facebook status update scheduler on your Facebook home page? How do you like it?

If you aren’t using the Facebook status update scheduler what do you use?

I’d like to hear what other marketers are doing .

Post your comments below.

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7 Tips For Success With Video Marketing

 Video Marketing  fits right in with the demand for faster ways to get information and to be entertained.

Internet users are into speed. This is made possible with  faster internet connections, smart phones, I Pads and other gadgets. Attention spans are getting shorter. We want our information and we want it now!

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

There is a vast ocean of information on the internet. Your audience is looking for quicker ways to consume it.

You Tube is now the #3 search engine in the world. That tells you that millions of people are looking for Marketing Videos for Website  information and entertainment via video.  Mobile marketing is growing rapidly. Video works well with smart phones and I Pads.

2013  has been dubbed the year of the  Web Video Advertising  by some top internet marketing gurus. Don’t you think it’s a great time to jump in and get your share of the audience?


There may be some reasons you haven’t used video marketing.

1. You don’t know where to begin.

2. You don’t want to be in front of the camera.

3. You think you need expensive equipment.

This blog post will help you learn more about what you need to do to be successful with Viral Video Marketing .. I’ve listed 7 tips  on how to get started doing video marketing , some  things to avoid and some helpful tips.

Free Marketing Videos  is one of the best ways we have as internet marketers to connect and  quickly build rapport with our target audience. It also has an advantage for getting  your content in front of the people who are looking for it.

Video Marketing Tips!


Tip #1 Get Some Training:

A little training will take you a long way. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about free online video advertising .  You need to plan your video including a script or outline.  There are some things that work really well in a video to get your message across.

You will need to know how to do on-page  optimization of  your video content and how to pick a great key word with low competition.I have provided some additional free training for you. CLICK HERE

Tip #2 Face You Fear:

You might be scared at first to start your video marketing but I think you will find that after a little practice and maybe as few as 10 videos later you will begin to relax. That’s when it gets to be really fun to produce videos.

I have seen some amazing transformations by other timid internet marketers. Their first videos have no eye contact and they are barely audible. After a few videos they bloom in front of the camera! The transformation is truly amazing.  When you begin to relax in your videos it translates into being authentic. Authenticity is a great way to attract people to you and start building rapport.

You will also find that it will definitely increase your lead flow.  You are providing entertainment and information that your audience is looking for. If you provide good content in your video marketing services on a consistent basis you will build your following.

The best antidote for your fear is to face it head on. Here it is a year later and now I’m really comfortable in front of the camera. I would never have guessed it was possible. That’s why I know you can do this too, so get started.

Tip #3 You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment:

You don’t need a bunch of fancy gear to get started. Some people simply use their smart phone or the camera on their computer.
I started doing my video marketing with a flip camera that cost less than $100. I recently did some research and found a very cheap way to do my lighting and my sound. I also use a free editing program that came with my PC computer for my video marketing company.
There are many ways to get started so believe me when I tell you don’t have to break the bank.

You Tube is free so it doesn’t cost anything to post videos there and you can post as many as you like. You can also put links on your channel back to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +. In fact Google + has a tab for your You Tube Channel.  Did I mention that Google owns You Tube.

Tip #4 Get Started:

Ok so now you have some training, you’ve faced your fear and you can use your smart phone or your computer to produce videos. The next thing to do is get started. The sooner you start the better. You will still be ahead of the curve since You Tube is now building steam so there’s plenty of opportunities to find your target market and build your fan base. The fact that all of this ties back into Google+ is another huge benefit. Google is still King and it’s good to utilize these social platforms Google is developing.

Tip #5  Have Fun!

You might even surprise yourself at how bold you become in your videos. If you do enough videos you will break out of your shell! You just have to take that first step and face your fear of the camera.

Another benefit is the ability to break down barriers with your target market. Nothing does this better than a video. It’s  fun to have someone opt into your sales funnel after watching your video. Call them!  The reaction I get is awesome. They are so shocked that I called them especially since they just watched my video. Your conversion rates will go up with this type of interaction.

Tips #6 Enjoy your celebrity:
It may come as a surprise to you that others actually are looking for the valuable content you will be sharing in your marketing videos.
You can build a great fan base this way and as I said earlier it makes attraction marketing even easier when your target audience can see you and hear your voice.
Then when you call your leads they surprised that you the person they just watched on You Tube actually took the time to call and connect with them.
This makes video marketing such fun! You are viewed as a celebrity because you are in a video!
Tip #7 The very best tip:

SEO Search Engine Optimization = Higher Rankings

Content with video has a 50% better chance for ranking. This alone is a great reason to start making videos. Your content will be ranked higher and found faster by your target marketi and this in turn will increase your business. You’ll also enjoy a higher rate for conversions.

You can even put video in the subject line of your email and this alone can increase open rates for your email broadcasts.

Some autoresponders won’t allow videos to be sent directly so here’s what you do instead. Take a snapshot of your video and put the link in the image so when someone clicks on it they will be taken to your video.

You can be successful!

You have a unique voice.  You will find your audience.

You will connect with just the right people and you will have a great time doing it. Take the first step.

I hope these tips were helpful and I hope they inspired you to take a leap of faith and try something new if you haven’t already done this.
Are you doing video?  If not , what’s holding you back?

Is it fear of the camera? Or is it that you think you need fancy equipment before you can start? Share your thoughts and experiences here.

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