Visalus : My Husband Paid For My Enrollment!

I am so excited to announce that I just became a Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Promoter. It’s not because I took my own advice and researched the company to make the most informed decision, not at all, it’s because my husband saw the company and the product and insisted this is what I should be doing. He even paid for the enrollment. He was on the call to my upline and asked lots of questions and wrote down the answers on a legal pad.


Visalus , Become a Distributor

He felt so strongly about this particular product because he watches the news every night and the national news channel had a week long series on the obesity epidemic in the USA. He talked to me for a few weeks about making this change but I was reluctant because I was settled into my primary of 6 months, albeit not really burning it up.

An offer I couldn’t refuse I joined Visalus:

Once I was on board I began to dive into the company, the products, the comp plan and the founders. Wow! is all I can say. I am blown away by this company and the people in it! Read on for more reasons I now know this is the very best decision for me even though  my husband lead me..kicking and screaming I might add!

Here are some of the reasons you should decide to join this dynamic company.

  • 1. Obesity is an epidemic in this country.

My last career was in health care, specifically in cardiovascular ultrasound.  I worked along side Cardiologists  and saw first hand the health issues associated with “The American Diet”. I heard the Cardiologist telling the majority of his patients to lose weight and start walking. I suffered too because my patients were getting bigger and bigger! Wow, I injured my scanning arm because the majority of my patients were obese. Disease is growing in this country specifically heart disease and diabetes because of the poor choices we make in our diets

  • 2. Visalus has the solution to the #1 problem!

They started as a vitamin company in 2005. They were experiencing slow but steady growth until 2008 when the economy crashed. Visalus was affected by the down economy just like everyone else. It was at this time that they partnered with Blyth Pharmaceutical Company. The leaders of the company got together and brain stormed about ideas to turn the company around. They hit on the idea of “The Challenge” in 2009 to help people lose weight. They fine tuned the challenge and made it a 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge…something everyone could do. They developed a great product in the Vi- Shape nutritional meal replacement.

  • 3. Visalus is on a meteroric rise!

Since introducing the Vi-Shape nutritional protein meal replacement in 2009 they have taken off in growth. The company is lead by it’s founders who are generation Xers, Ryan Blair,Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola, . They understand the power of social media and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is going viral on Facebook and Twitter. The company is experiencing phenomenal growth. They are set to do $1 Billon in sales in 2012. They are hitting this mark in the North American Market. There are only 11 companies who have made it to the Billion $$ stratosphere, giants like Amway and Mary Kay to name a few. The company has won many awards including the Direct Selling News Bravo Turnaround Award in 2010. They are a member of the BBB and the DSA.

  • 4. Visalus has all the right pieces at just the right time.

The company has the vision to do great things! They have all the right marketing tools in place and they have the right product to help countless numbers of people live life to the fullest. They also have a great “Feed the Children” program where anyone can donate $24 dollar to provide the nutritious protein drink to hungry children and the company matches this donation.

  • 5. My own health and monetary goals.

I have my health reasons for getting fit and loosing weight. It is doctor ordered. I also found the compensation plan very generous and it is not a binary which I think is a plus. YOU GET PAID FOR WHAT YOU DO! If you work you get paid. The company offers lots of incentives as well. The Visalus Bimmer Club is a big incentive for many. Visalus has one of the lowest qualifying amounts for the car allowance. It’s a $600 allowance for you to own or lease a BMW. This is a great incentive for so many. They already have over 6,000 Promoters driving BMW.

So I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my new opportunity. I would love to talk to you more about joining in on the fun and excitement that is Visalus click here to learn more, not to mention the fantastic products and the incredible Vi-Shape…the Shake that taste like Cake Mix!

Below is a video I shot when I received my Promoter Kit! Check out all the great products that came with it! Several of these products were a wonderful surprise! Visalus is definitely more than a milkshake!

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